How To Be Social

1. Post the Right Content

Create content that is relevant and appropriate for each social media platform. Facebook fans will  definitely want to read your vacation planning tips, followers on Instagram and Pinterest are more likely to just want to check out the photos. Understanding the behavioral patterns of your followers will make you better at marketing to them. Find your most active fans, review the content that gets them engaging with you, and use this information to tailor what you post.

2. Update Your Content Often

Remember, Google likes to see fresh content, and you want Google to like you! The more social media accounts you have, the more likely it is that you will show up in a Google search. Besides posting fresh content on Twitter and Facebook, you should also update your website content weekly, or at minimum bi-weekly.

3. Post at the Right Times

Did you know that the best time to post on Facebook is Wednesday at 3 pm? Or that the worst time to tweet is after 3 pm on a Friday? Or that the most active time for Instagram is 3-4pm daily? Use your analytics to help you determine the best times based on your fanbase. When are they posting? Commenting? Interacting? Websites like Boostability offer great tools and insights for social media marketing that can help you figure out this, and other useful information.

4. Schedule your posts

It’s important to post good content often. It is also extremely time consuming. Ask me how I know… lots and lots of time posting before there were tools to not only help schedule posts, but to discover content relevant to the brand!

Companies like Hootsuite, Buffer, Tweetdeck (FREE), and ScheduGram allow you to create posts ahead of time and put them in a queue to be automatically posted at your chosen times. Now you can write content when you want and let an app do the work! Tweetdeck is one of my personal favorites, with very close similarities to Hootsuite. I prefer it because it is an Free app that meets all of my current needs. If you need detailed analytics about your activity however, Hootsuite is an excellent choice.

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