This coming week, try an organized schedule. I talk a lot about organization, because we all live extremely busy lives as self starters & entrepreneurs. “Planning (also called forethought) is the process of thinking about and organizing the activities required to achieve a desired goal.” Planning is everything. So here is a little guidance to help you get next week off to a great, productive start.

1. Define your top 3 goals. Defining your goals sets a plan and tone for attack. When you have a clear vision of the plan, you are so much more likely to actually get each task completed. Also, you will see that you’re not as crazed as you originally thought.

2. Goal action Plan. Once I outline my goals, I go backwards. What are the individual steps that I need to take to get me to the goal. Then attack each one.

3. Create your social media content. This is a process that can be very time consuming. I designed the social media planner because if you are a brand creating and dispersing content daily, that content should serve a purpose. It should be meaningful, funny, or interesting enough to keep people coming back to see what you have to say. So your content is not something you should rush to post without thought and preparation. What you post is representative of your brand voice.

4. Make time for yourself. Schedule it in. We can become so wrapped up in all the craziness, hustling from one task and place to the next! One of the things I really enjoy is cooking with my guys. We sit around the kitchen, talking about our day, sharing the crazy stories we all dealt with that day. It’s priceless time. Because very soon, 3 years in fact, my Cris will be all grown up, and off to college. So I soak up every bit of time that he is willing to give to me, knowing how precious it is.

5. Network. Go through your social sites and make an effort to connect with your followers. Like their content, add a comment; ENGAGE. It really is the key now, with so many companies using social media for business purposes. Find interesting profiles to follow and engage with, and network together. Especially if you have similar target audiences! It’s a win/win for both!

Take these tips into next week, and keep track of your results. When I went back to get my MBA, I began using a planner because I was all over the place. Literally! Then, I realized so many of my clients were experiencing the same things. So I designed the first social media planner to deal with an extremely hectic schedule.

In the midst of running two businesses, the club, having one son on two baseball teams, and one on a team with  regular practices, and also trains separately with his coach; I need structure! I’ve done the work for you; compiled instructions on how to create content, design it, and deliver it. All you have to do is fill in the blanks. This will definitely change the way you think about marketing and help you achieve your goals!

Be sure to check out my free podcast as well, which gives more advice on how to define, structure, and build your brand!

Keep hustling, girls!

xo, PoshTori

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