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This week on the PoshGirlsClub podcast I shared the benefits of using Instagram ads and how to do so. Here is the visual to go with the podcast! Use this post along with yesterday’s podcast to help run your first ad! Hope this helps you dive in to the advertising world of Instagram. Let’s go, girls… 300 million people are waiting to hear from you!

First, go to your Instagram home. See the little dots or settings button.

If you haven’t already, choose the option to switch to a Business account. Follow the prompts. You must have a business account (connected to your Facebook fan page to use this feature).

Next, back on your home Insta page, you want to run a promotion to inform people about your brand! Choose a photo or video on your page and click the photo. Look for the promote button and this is what you will see once you click it.

Choose what you’d like to do. I chose visit site, so if you choose that option, this is what you will see next.

If you know who your target audience is, you can choose to let Insta choose the people they believe will interact with your brand. Test the data. You do have to do trial and error to get your best audience for interaction and increased following.

Now, choose your budget and duration. You can do one day for $1, up to whatever your budget allows for. Keep in mind, you can pause your ad on the Facebook business page, or you can simply delete the ad from Instagram and start again. So don’t be afraid to give it a go, you control the dollars that you spend!

Be sure to keep track of your spend! What is your medium of advertisement? How much did it cost? How long did you run the ads? How many different images or copy did you use? All important factors to have one place to refer back and see what worked and what did not. Your planners include advertising sections! Use them! The quicker you understand the best places to spend your dollars, the less you will have to spend!

This will absolutely get you started. Whether you do it for yourself, or you have someone doing this for you, always pay attention to your ads and know your own data. You are the business. You are the brand. No one else should know your business better than you! Share your thoughts! Are you seeing results? Running into issues? If so, drop me a note below. I’d love to hear how Instagram advertising is working for you.

Until next time,

Keep Hustling Girls!

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