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Hi Diamond Girls!

This week I have experienced one of the biggest heartbreaks I’ve ever had to face in my life. I lost my Gramalicious unexpectedly…and I really wasn’t sure how to be inspired, and how to be that for others. I am always so upbeat, energetic, encouraging, and positive! Because I believe there is purpose in everything!! Even loss…

My Gram was exceptionally proud of me. I am her only Granddaughter, of 3 grands. And I am her first Grandchild. My mom had me very young, so it was always my Gram and I while my mom finished high school, then college. She was my hero. I watched her work ethic, and how she was always on the move! It was so inspiring to me as a little girl to watch how the employees at the hospital she worked in treated her. She was my Wonder Woman!

As she aged, it didn’t stop. And when I began my company PoshLifeBling, she was beyond proud of me. After doing multiple celebrity events, I graduated to the big league; 5 days backstage @ the BET Awards. My Gram insisted that I make copies of every photo we took and that was in the press, and send them to her. She needed her own “brag book”. And so I did. Yesterday I was going through photos for the memorial service, and I found those photos; neatly stored in one her memory containers, like an oversized Tupperware. She wanted them preserved. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

In her Bible, I found that she used my business card/ flyer as her place holder. Every morning as she read the pages, I was the first person on her mind & heart. <3

The reason I started the PoshGirlsClub, is because I wanted more women to experience that feeling of self preservation, success, self reliability and having their loved ones as well as themselves be proud of what they achieved. My wins are not only mine. They belong to Gramalicious because she first raised me, my Mommie, because she never stopped making her own wins, and all the other women in my life who believed in me and taught me to be a go-getter.

So, as I flipped through the pages of the memory book yesterday, I thought about you. Because at the end of the day, the reality is that I have to keep going, keep living. I must continue churning out content because my followers and subs are coming here for that…

What can I do to help further you along, and send you soaring in the direction of your dreams? Ironically, I finished the digital download “Selling To Celebrities” just before leaving home while Gram was still on life support. She has passed this week and we are planning the funeral now.

But obviously, there was a connection there (as with most things, if we but seek them!). The download is packed with extremely useful information to help you get seen by celebs, get your products in their hands, and go from Branding to Branded. It is an excellent source to catapult your business, as mine did in ’06 when I met Khloe Kardashian. In honor of my Gramalicious, I am going to offer this exclusive content to you at Half Offall week. Trust me, I won’t be doing this again! LOL. I even included my personal contacts for getting your business seen by the biggest names in the game!

Use code celebs during checkout for your exclusive 50% discount to my game changer moves to get celebrity endorsements! I think my Gramalicious would be proud <3.

I’d love to hear your thoughts; how the digital download helped you, your success stories, etc. Be sure to share with me on social media #sell2celebs #poshgirlsclub and let us know how it all worked out!

We are waiting to hear more about your business!

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