Seriously? You’re Not Using Facebook Ads?

Last week on the podcast, I talked about the importance of Facebook Ads in your marketing efforts. Facebook is a paid advertising platform, but it allows for you to choose your budget and duration. It’s Ah-Mazing! I finally finished the hour long course to help you get busy branding! There is also a visual PDF that corresponds, to make the process a bit more user-friendly for those who don’t understand all the terms that go with the advertising platform.

PoshGirlsClub has been up and running for just about 3.5 weeks now, and as you can see, we are already growing!!! Active social media following that ENGAGES! What’s the secret?

There is a proven formula for how to get your audience live and popping! Authenticity is one way…to learn first hand some of the other ways, consider becoming a Diamond Girl Member!

We launch the Diamond Magazine soon…wouldn’t you love to see your company name in the very first issue? As a Diamond Girl, you have access to many of these exclusives, and more. The goal is to get you on a fast-tracked road to success with your business ventures. If you’re not in the game, you should be! And You are the only thing holding you back.

For a limited time, enjoy ONE MONTH FREE into the world of the Diamond Girl, with the purchase of our PoshGirls Planner & Branding Bible for the Fierce, Female Entrepreneur!  You will receive all exclusive membership perks for the month of July! Get your planners and let’s get you on track to meet your sales goals.

Want to make more sales this month? Shoot me an email with your wish list and let’s carve out a plan to make it happen!
In the mean…be sure to check out the one hour Facebook Masterclass, so that you can start creating powerful, dynamic ads to make your images POP! And bring in the exact target audience for your business. There is money at stake…let’s get to it!

Keep Hustling!


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