This week I’ve been focusing on Execution. There are many factors that keep us from executing each day, but let’s just be real for a minute. If you start pulling off all of those layers, what lies at the base of them?

For most, it’s FEAR. I hate to even write the word in all caps. But I want you to look at it. Stare at it, and feel the feeling it resonates within you. Fear of what people will say, of what they will think. Fear of being wrong, making a mistake, or of conflict. Fear of making a complete ass of yourself in a live setting…Fear runs deep.

You’ve taken a good look at it; felt the feelings. So what. Did you die? Did the world end? Did you lose the people who really love you? Did you lose your chance to make it better, or fix it? Highly unlikely.

Fear and faith cannot coexist. One thing I know for sure is that fear exists to keep you in a place of inaction. If you always have an excuse, there will always be a reason not to try. Aren’t you tired of seeing the people around you digging in and making their lives exactly what they want them to be? And looking around day after day thinking, “damn, why can’t I have the life I want?” That’s a lie that you’re telling yourself. You can and should have the life you want. The only difference between you and the people you admire is that they wake up everyday and spend that day in execution, grind, beast mode; determined to make it happen. So…easier said than done? Not at all.

This is how I remove the fear and push myself to execute, even when I feel silly or ridiculous, or let other people get into my head. You can start here.

1. Write down 3 goals.

2.Write down 3 fears keeping you from going after them?

3.Face the fear. Why does it scare you.

4. Evaluate at least 3 methods you can use to overcome each one of the fears you listed.

5. Write down the possibilities of what happens if you don’t go after the goals? (How will you feel? Will you have regrets?)

6. Write down the possible outcomes when you succeed?

By taking these steps, you conquer the fears one by one. I’m not naive enough to think that this will be easy.And here’s where I get cliche AF;  You have to do the work if you want to get out of your comfort zone. 

Evaluate. Are the gains bigger than the the fear? Is what you have to gain worth facing the fears to get there?

So what’s it gonna be…? Are you going to let fear cripple you forever? Or are you going to believe in yourself and the life you can have, and are worthy of having…and EXECUTE?

Need tools to help you Execute? Click here.

Until next time…Keep Hustling Girls,

XO, PoshTori

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