Each week, as I’m creating the content that I want to share with you, I find images that inspire me. That’s how I’m able to share ideas with you and help offer my little insight while you are on your individual journey’s. This week, it came to me in a quiet moment…Get Lucky. Of course, luck isn’t actually luck. In any case, it is always preparation meeting opportunity. You want to be a singer. You practice and practice…you go to an event involving music…and you run into an up and coming music producer. Better yet, you run into the A&R director for Def Jam, who invites you to sing on sight. You knock her (see what I did there, lol) off her feet, and the next thing you know you’re recording your first album. You think, wow, I was so lucky. You weren’t. You were simply prepared for the opportunity and in the right place by intention.

To be a successful entrepreneur you take the same steps. You learn and work. And you work and you learn. And then, the success comes to meet you. Law of Motion. Preparation, Opportunity. All. Of. That.

…hear more about getting lucky on the podcast…

Keep Hustling, girls!

XO, poshTori

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