This Is Why You’re Not Getting Sales on Instagram

So, want to know why your Instagram pages are not poppin? Why you’re not getting sales on Instagram? I was talking to one of my clients today and it occurred to me that many of you have the same problem. You are selling the wrong way. Your technique is keeping you from getting those sales on Instagram.

I really love my newbies. Here @ThePoshGirlsClub I get to help them brand and develop their business, and see the light in their eyes when they finally make the connections in the information I supply them.

My number one rule for ecommerce businesses is don’t use your page to sell. Your Instagram feed is for visual content that tells a story. That connects your audience to you. Especially when it comes to the newbies, you should not seek to make offers in the feed.

No one knows you yet. They haven’t made a connection to you, and every offer you make is more likely to repel than to invite. So, your Instagram & other social media pages are not popping’? Here’s why…

Think about your behaviors when you scroll through Instagram. Which accounts make you feel more engaged? Those with just loads of offers, or those that converse with you? My clients/ audience follows me because I engage with them. I make every effort to encourage and support them. To cover topics they need to hear, and assure them that they are not alone.

When I do make them an offer (not on the feed), they are open and receptive to examine it. So, here is my list of the three things you have to do as a new brand developing your social media strategies.

The first is create a clearly defined brand. Establish your core, the brand DNA. What do you stand for? What’s your voice? This step is most important, because that is how you build your tribe. Why is that important? Because those are the people who help establish your credibility. They comment, like, share, and purchase your content. The tribe is very important.

Next, offer VALUE. What do you have that answers what the person needs, wants, and desires? Recognizing of course, that those are three very different things. If you are able to offer two out of three to your audience, that’s great. But when you can offer all three, that’s phenomenal!

Finally, the last thing you’re probably doing that is costing you likes, follows, engagement, and conversions, or sales on Instagram…You are most likely overwhelming the audience. I receive such high followers and engagement because all of my selling is done off of the ‘Gram. And because of something called simple selling. I focus on a single product and develop my sales funnel based on an item instead of an entire catalog. The customer doesn’t feel overwhelmed. Thus, they are more than willing to follow me through the sales funnel and complete the conversion I seek.

Many businesses, not just newbies, make this mistake with their sales funnel. Throwing too much at the customer and the person just abandons the whole process.

So, what do you need to do to get your social media pages popping? 1. Develop your brand core & structure, down to the DNA. Do this so that you are consistent with your voice & message, and you’re attracting the right tribe to build credibility. Offer value that only you can provide that tribe. And take your time. Don’t overwhelm your audience with a feed full of sales offers. There are better ways! Stay tuned for my next blog post, where I will share what those are!

Until then…Check out The BABE Book. It offers the most detailed information on branding your business, to setting up your Instagram page for branding yourself (because people buy from people they like). Then making offers where they should be made to the sales funnel. It is very detailed, for only $27. This book will make you sell smarter. You can order yours here: The BABE Book

Keep Hustling, Girls!

XO, PoshTori

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