Why Instagram Live is Life!

My Ten Tips For Going Live On Instagram

I know the feeling…you’re just about ready to hit that “go Live” button…but you get the nerves creeping in…What if I bomb? What if my camera falls? What if I forget what I’m going to say?

It’s that never-ending stream of doubt and terror that sinks in just as you’re about to hit that button…and so you don’t. You say “I’ll try again next week”, but next week it’s just a replay of the one before.

I totally get it.

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Live streaming is Life! Seriously, it’s everything. However, I know that it can be daunting for some. I mean, I am a debate champion, I’ve won many grants in public speaking contests, and still, the idea of going live freaked me out at first. For me it was like having a Mr. Big moment; “they can see me, but I can’t see them.”

What I can tell you is…it gets easier! So, with that, here are some tips to get you live streaming like a pro!

Live streaming is an incredibly important part of your brand success. Remember, people buy from people they like. And since going live offers them an opportunity to get to know you, you have the unique opportunity to grow your audience like never before. You get to be the star of your show! So here they are, my tips for going live on Instagram.

1. Story Time. Share situations or stories that teach you life lessons.

2. Choose themes for your content.

I start each month with a defined idea for that month. Then I break down the subject into sections to cover each day, week, etc. So, if you want to grow your business, you have to begin to pre-plan it. Develop a theme around a product or service. Then repeat that monthly with new content to support the topic or sales item.

3. Talk about your offers. But explain the why. Give a story or example of a problem, use your audience’s pain points. Or a story about a need/want/desire that they have. Then explain how your solution fixes or answers the problem.

4. Go through your analytics

See what content your audience is viewing. Talk about subjects around the content they view the most. That’s how you know what they’re loving and will show up to learn more about!

5. Question & Answer sessions.

Do you get lots of questions about your product, service, or industry? Host weekly Q&A sessions. That doesn’t mean giving all of the content away. It means you can direct them to your solution. And hosting these meetings can also provide you with something in return – more content to expand on!

6. Prepare a script.
By preparing a script or a simple bulleted list with points you don’t want to miss, you will stay on track and cover everything you intended to include in your live. Are you one of those people who leave a phone conversation and think, “ugh, I forgot to say…

If so, preparing a bulleted list will keep you on track.

So, what are some other tips to help you go live on Instagram? Let’s pick up at number 7.

7. Use google docs to keep your content.

Do your live stream with the document near the live streaming device and glance over as you speak. It flows naturally and avoids any juggling of paper or looking around for your notes. Just scroll up and down the page, and your audience will never know.

8. No rambling!

Looking to grow your audience? Download our Raving Fans Guide!


Looking to grow your audience? Download our Raving Fans Guide!

If you forget what you were going to say, just make it into a joke! We’re all human! It’s okay to lose your place, forget your train of thought completely…I do it all the time! But just move on and try to get back to where you were…or ask a relevant question from your audience? I like to have this handy, anyway, a list of questions. So just try to keep the flow going without harping on the fact that you lost your train of thought. Another thing would be to ask your audience where you were…I’ve done this, too! LOL – it happens, keep it moving! When watching someone go live, there is nothing worse than listening to them ramble without a focus. So be real, and just keep it lighthearted.

Keep in mind, this content can and should be used later for a sell! OR to offer real value to your audience.

9. Speak it into existence!

I write a lot every day. Sometimes churning out 60 pages of content at a time for freebies & challenges. So, my saving grace has been using the voice memo recording feature on my iPhone to speak the content out first; then I send it to myself via airdrop. Finally, I copy & paste to Google Docs & do the edits. Then, I can use that as notes, onscreen while I’m live. That’s how I started out live streaming until I got comfortable with it. Now, I’ve realized that a few bullet points & talking from a true & authentic place feels much better…it takes time to get to that not because you aren’t being authentic…but because of all the random ass comments people leave.

Try not to look at the comments until you’re ready to answer them. You can always go back after the live and delete crazy comments from your live.

10. Find a dope spot!

Think about your entire presentation. You are essentially presenting yourself to the world, for any & everyone to join in randomly. Present your best self. Set up an area that can become familiar to your audience. They will begin to expect to see you there and look for you and the location as part of their routine. Find a spot right now in your home or office where you can broadcast. Make it nice! Be Boss about it.

One of my favorite tools for going live with the best lighting is the Socialite Kit.

Lighting? Check!

Stand? Check!

Bluetooth? Check! You can get one like mine here.

Want to learn more about Live Streaming and how to Boss Up in your Insta Business?

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