I cannot express how excited I am about the new Instagram Highlights feature! Think about this for a second. Before the new feature, our Instagram pages were just static. This new feature is a game changer.

Instagram Highlights gives me life for several reasons.

For the past several months, I have found myself wishing for a method to deliver my story without always being present.

I go live on Instagram usually a minimum of three times a week. It can be extremely exhausting and tiring, not to mention demanding for the fact that it only stays on Instagram for 24 hours! My concern is that I always want my face & personality to shine through, even in my absence from live streaming.

So, lets’s be clear. This new feature is epic!

It took Instagram a full 35 hours to get the new feature to me! Ugh, I could not wait to get my fabulous little fingers on them, Lol!

I’m going to share my reasons for the excitement about Instagram’s Highlight feature, and how I intend to use it within my business. Hint hint: these are also ways that you can use them too!

  1. Brand Intro VSL

    The first way I’m going to use Instagram stories is by introducing my brand. I will add a VSL (video sales letter) to give that emotional first-look into the brand. VSL’s should be about 30 seconds max, and give the visitor a complete, rounded introduction into your brand story. You can see mine here.

  2. Freebies & Giveaways

    The second use for the new Highlight feature from Instagram will be to offer my freebies. Generally, people want to know more about your brand & the offerings. I intend to include an ongoing list of my giveaways. This is a great way to grow your email list!

Grab our Raving Fans Guide to build your Instagram Following! Learn how we went from Zero to 500K in just over a year!

Grab our Raving Fans Guide to build your Instagram Following! Learn how we went from Zero to 500K in just over a year!

3. Current Offers

The next way I will use Instagram Highlights is to make my offers.

When there are new offers, like my Instagram For Entrepreneurs Course, I will do so in one section. Making offers helps the customer get right to their solution. But also, making “Offers” a category of its own helps me with analytics.

Just a quick FYI, here’s my absolute favorite video toolkit for helping me create great info stories here

4. Affiliates

Finally, the last use, or category, for my Instagram Story Highlights section will be for affiliate links. Affiliate links are a great way to generate extra income. In fact, I am teaching my audience some very cool ways to do exactly that!

So there you have it! My four reasons for living for the Instagram Story Highlights feature!

This is a great feature, and I hope you are using it to slay social media, too! 


Want to learn some of the other tools I use in my business to maximize productivity? Check them out here!

XO, Tori


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  1. Melesha says:

    I am so glad that you posted this on the New Instagram Highlights. It definitely gave me clarity on how to use it for business. Thanks for sharing.

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