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Repost: 13 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Spartacus Blood & Sand

I’ve been obsessed with Spartacus for many years now. I’m one of those Original fans, who had to wait for the next episode to come on during the series. This blog post is from August of 2016. I was just getting into teaching what I know, and because I watched the series so much – I thought of a few interesting correlations between Spartacus & Entrepreneurship.

The best part, It’s still relevant!

XO, Tori


1. Red Serpent.

Sacrifice and Loss can lead you to a greater path. Learn from your choices. It’s up to you to choose whether you will fall to your knees and give into failure, or rise to meet your destiny.

2. Sacramentum Gladitorium. 

Use what’s available to you to succeed. Every step up is a step forward.


3. Legends.  You see your idols and it’s your goal everyday to get to their level; to become the next legend. Don’t rush the process! Greatness takes work, time, and patience.


4. The Thing In The Pit.

Sometimes bad choices will lead you to face really tough consequences. You set out with all the best intentions, but taking shortcuts to get you there don’t pan out quite as you expected. It’s ok.  Dig in, fight harder, and work your way out of the pit back into the light.


5. Shadow Games. There may be times that working with a colleague may be more beneficial than going it alone. You know you have the traits of an entrepreneur, you can stand alone. Can you be a team player? Can you be humble enough to know that your perspective may not be the only way to get things done?


6. Delicate Things. My Mommie always said that no matter if you’re receiving a compliment, or being berated, consider the source and the motive. Be careful who you lend your trust to.


7. Great and Unfortunate Things. Never forget who you are or what you stand for. The most pivotal happenings are the most character building. It would be easy to allow the things that are happening to you dictate your life goals, ideals and values. This wishy washy behavior will keep you blowing in the wind. Know who you are. Be who you are. It’s easier to respect someone you disagree with but you know where they stand, than it is to have someone agree with you, when you know they’re untrustworthy.


8. Mark of the Brotherhood. Always remember there’s always someone who wants to take your place! To be better, smarter, better looking, richer, or more popular than you. Stay on your toes.

9. Whore. Sometimes you’ve gotta get down & dirty! Show up and give your best performance. You can have a winning track record, and one bad performance can be a major setback. Don’t leave yourself open for replacement.

10. Party Favors. Be careful of who you allow to represent your brand. They may make choices that you are left cleaning up.

11. Revelations. Fall down 9 times. Get up 10. Persevere in pursuit of your dreams.

12. Kill Them All. Naysayers be damned! Keep learning, teaching, sharing and growing. Arm yourself with every defense. Know your business, industry, market, customer, and values and you will be unstoppable.

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