Sex And The City 20 years later. You Missed The Whole Point.

So this week marks 20 years since I first fell in love with Carrie Bradshaw, and Sex and the City.

I’ve already read a few articles talking about how women back then missed the mark. That they engaged in too much casual sex, didn’t take relationships seriously, and are now 20 years later in regret of what Carrie and her girl gang brought to the world. Let me tell you…these writers have clearly missed the whole point!

Like are you kidding me? This was the show that defined my adolescence/ young adult-hood! They gave us the original girl gang! They taught us independence & friendship bonds beyond casual acquaintances.

Honestly, the only thing missing was a bit of diversity! This squad was the envy of any girl squad to ever do it!

For me, Sex and the City was about women taking their power back. Not falling into the same, methodical role of women who got used by men and had to love on someone else terms. You know, the women who to take the scraps of “love and affection” that they were allocated.

It was about women who could have an orgasm and not feel bad about it, the way so many of us had been taught to.

Beyond that though, it was about seeking self fulfillment. And understanding that as a woman, your life doesn’t begin and end with a man.

BUT; if you are really a woman who wants and gets it all…you end with untamed self discovery. That as a woman, you CAN have it all.

You can end up with the life you want and work for, and the man of your dreams.

Your Big. Someone who knows that you are wild and free spirited. But also, the one who will find his place along your journey (for a change). And be more than willing to go along for the ride.

So to those women who are now writing about the fact that Sex and the City missed the mark…let me tell you; I was there. I was here for it. And I am so fucking proud of my inner Miranda who drove me to be an incredible entrepreneur and business BOSS. My inner Charlotte who kept me in tune with the girly girl hopeful side of myself, wishing and prepping for the perfect family. The inner Samantha; who taught me to be free to express myself and own my sexuality. And my dear, sweet Carrie; the one who embodies all the deepest parts of me; living my dream life with my dream career, while also giving me desire and hopefulness that my Mr. Big is still out there.

The one who, despite all his (and my) flaws, would find himself right back where he belonged. In the arms of the one woman who would not take his shit. And who would love all the broken parts, just as they are. Isn’t that the whole point…?


Looking for your fierce, ride or die, business bestie girl gang…?

Join ours! #TheSocialite

XO, Tori

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