Most people completely miss this.

We are covering Influence extensively in The Socialite next month.

Why? Influence is a game changer.

I recently read an article that covered Kylie Jenner’s massive Influence…

“The sequence of this massive growth was critical. Kylie started by establishing her personal brand first, before she endorsed or released any products on her own. Next, she created her own niche(USP!!!) within the family empire, different from her other siblings, and stayed focused there, with various endorsements and partnerships. Then, once those efforts had shown promising results, she launched her own line of “Lip Kits” — in a limited run, at a premium price — which sold out in minutes

Create influence. Build the audience. Offer them whatever you want..

Now, I know what everyone says after this…that’s Kylie Jenner, duh. Famous, rich Dad, Momager of all Momagers, Kris Jenner, and of course epic stardom of her sister, Kim. She had all of this to help put her on the map.

But let’s look a bit closer to home…

One of our first private group members, @Etniciti first came to us a few months back with around 4k followers.

At the time, she was using many of the same sales & marketing tactics that everyone else in her market was using.

I put together a strategic plan to help her brand stand out & developed the Unique Selling Proposition just for her.

Fast forward a few months later; she has nearly 18k followers…her branded content (that I insisted she begin with when we first started her coaching) is constantly being reposted on major brand pages!

I mean, Targeted Influencers pages with MILLIONS of followers! And now, even JCPenny has reposted her branded content!

That’s brand publicity that she did not buy. She was found because her Influence is catching hold in her market. As she continues, it’s going to bring her lots more fans, influence, and sales!!!

She’s building an incredible, targeted audience who loves her beautiful unique products…and when she makes them offers…they’ll be waiting! Your Influence is directly related to how you sell & how much you sell. In today’s digital marketing, you have to embrace your content.

We have a content planner to help you get started. Grab it here.

XO, Tori


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