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So, quick story…

In 2006, I met Khloe Kardashian for the first time. It was an epic chance encounter for my business.

I’d been designing pieces for about 4 years. And I was making good money doing it. Designing maybe 20-25 pieces each month @ around $500-$1000 per piece.

There were a lot of people who came out of nowhere right after I started getting successful.

So I knew that to keep up my current reign as the Queen of all things Bling, I needed to always stay true to who I was as a designer.

I created a very niche market & made designs that people could try to duplicate – but they failed at it miserably.

And my style, logo, website, & brand voice was so unique & on point…I am certain that I annoyed the crap out of most, LOL.😍

With all the pink & sparkles & unicorns…I mean, really.


But…this is what gave me a unique place in the bling industry, as it would later come to be a huge and ongoing trend. 16 years later, I still sell bling every single day.

That chance meeting of Khloe would only help me to grow my brand and position myself as the place where “the most glamorous girls in the world get iced” (my tagline).

That is why having your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) matters – because people can copy what you do.

But they can never copy you, or your experiences.

So when you’re telling your brand story…how do you do that to remain unique and one of a kind?

This was something I absolutely mastered; carving out a niche for one of a kind, luxury + uniqueness that you could only get from PoshLifeBling.

So of course, when DVF wanted a company to create the bling demos for her sunglass line, they called us.

When Project Runway wanted blinded out scissors for Season 10, they called us.

And when any celebrity wanted a custom 3d, chunky, glammed out cell phone case, wall mirror, kitchen appliance, shoes, keys, license borders, lighters, flip flops, jackets, etc…

They. Called. Us.

That’s how I stood out & remained a force in my industry. 

I built a strong brand presence that my target customer lived for! And so, it didn’t matter what other people popped up! My customers were loyal to Bling.

And that’s more important now than ever…create a brand that resonates so well with your target audience, that no matter who comes or goes, they are only searching for you.

The Agency @ThePoshGirlsClub has every service you need to begin building your brand presence.

Quite honestly, I didn’t always have the whole “business of my business” together.

I was invited out to La La Land for the first time to participate in the AMA’s. And it was both exciting + terrifying.

Looking back, I’m so amazed at how “Luck” actually happens, how it all comes together.

Truth is…it’s not “LUCK” at all…

I flew into L.A. (for the 1st time as an adult…), maneuvered my way through the baggage claim, caught a cab (no Uber back then)to my hotel… The Standard Downtown L.A.

Made my way to the Penthouse suite…waiting for all of my marketing materials to make it into town .

It was going to be a HUGE week!

It was also going to teach me some lessons about those who sink…vs. those who SWIM! And which one I wanted…no, WAS GOING to be…

So I get into my suite, start packing…and realize that I didn’t have my signage! I’d totally forgotten it in all the excitement – and I was devastated; can you imagine preparing to meet a slew of celebrities, get photos, + make an impact – and have NO SIGN for them to take pics in front for me to use later?

So I had to get creative…every single celebrate that came through got one of my envelopes – yes, envelopes, that I later photographed on the table, so that my audience could see that even if they couldn’t see the photo of what was on the front of the envelope, they could see my photo, and put two and two together.

This also did something for each celeb that came through.

I had custom M&M’s designed with the Posh Girl Logo on it designed onto the candies…

So I ran and got little satin baggies from the art supply store. Instead of having a bowl for them to scoop into their hands, I attached each bag to the envelope, so they had no choice but to remember me, and be photographed with the envelope with my brand logo image on it while they walked around, talking to other companies, getting photographed with MY logo!

So you see, it wasn’t LUCK.

It was positioning + planning, even when I’d forgotten my sign; I had the other elements and my brain, to piece together a plan to “make it work”!

That’s what brand building is…

a little bit of luck, lots of preparation, and some genius positioning!

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