Choice Fatigue Is A Real Thing.

Choice fatigue is real and must be mitigated when possible.

Steve Jobs was known for wearing a pair of blue jeans and a plain black turtleneck. Mark Zuckerberg wears blue jeans and a grey t-shirt.

By eliminating the burden of having to select an outfit each morning, both entrepreneurs freed themselves to focus on more meaningful decisions. That is, choice fatigue; you know. Those things we add to our day that drain us before we even get going…like the morning glam routine.

This is actually a real thing.

I would literally have a 2 hour routine each morning which involved full on makeup, cute outfit, and hair curling every morning. The hair curling, forget about it!

These 30 inches will not blow-dry & rod curl themselves, hunni, okkkurrrr!

But if I began at 8am, that meant I wasn’t really ready to go downstairs to my office and get to work before 10 (if I’m lucky).

I had to ask myself why the hell did I need a glam session each morning, when I work from home, and no one except the boys even see me?

Beyond that, why did those who did see me need to get Posh Tori every time? Was Tori not good enough…?

And so, instead of the full on rod curling, I went for the natural look. I bought some super cute, but super comfy lounge wear to work in (thank you, Fashion Nova), and stopped pressuring myself to get dolled up each morning.

This has actually helped me with my workout routine as well. So instead of glamming out first thing in the morning…

I treat my face to a great cleansing routine. Then I head over to the gym with my baby boy. And come home, make a quick fruit drink concoction, wash up, and get downstairs and to work by 8.

I feel better. I’m looking better. And I’ve taken the pressure of perfection off.

I’m not suggesting that you donate your wardrobe, or stop going glam…this is me here.

But I do suggest that you think about the many unnecessary decisions you force yourself to make each day. Understand why you’re making those choices.

So what can you have ready each evening? How can you prepare in advance for the following day to set yourself up for success?

See if you can design a morning routine that requires fewer decisions so you can focus your energy on what really matters to your professional success.

Added bonus: I don’t go glam daily.

Of course, I want to have a great look for live streams & video content, because let’s be clear…I am still Posh Tori, glammed up or not.

But I’m recording all of my content on live days. Only once or twice a week; Total productivity hack! 

Think about how you can implement productivity hacks into your day.

What can you do to let go of habits in your routine that slow up your productivity?

How can you get more self care into your routine?

And more productivity?



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