It’s not about who you think you are…

It’s more…who you think you’re not…

I know that there are times when we distort things in our own minds.

We tell ourselves things that aren’t even true in moments of weakness, trial, or fear. These moments of mental self shaming can be very toxic towards the way we see ourselves, and the way we judge others. Facing these moments head on & coming to terms with toxic patterns will help you change your life and your ability to reach new levels of success and achievement. 

I thought about some of the most common roadblocks that I see my clients experience. And I want to be sure you’re not letting these things hold you back. 

Believing that you have limited power vs. Unlimited.

Nothing limits your potential and your ability to succeed like self-doubt. You tell yourself you can’t or you should not dare.

These self-limiting beliefs will quickly derail you, convincing you that you don’t have what it takes to be successful.

These are triggered & amplified by things going badly. It happens! If you allow self-limiting beliefs to rule your thoughts, they will take over and live there, never becoming the person you were meant to be. So, instead of telling yourself you can’t, ask “How can I…?” 

Afraid to change.

There’s an old saying “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. This correlates with a newer one that I refer to as “stuck on stupid”.

Change is absolutely good. You should always seek to level up; in education/knowledge, new systems, brand building… Change is inevitable, and we should embrace it. Success is created from innovation and problem solving. Getting comfortable with the familiar & sticking to what’s working eventually gets you left behind. 

Don’t let fear of change keep you from taking risks and seizing opportunities.

Hanging on too long.

You have built it, renamed, revamped, redesigned, and still…it’s just not coming together. When you find yourself in a situation where you’re forcing the pieces together, it’s time to move on. 


The problem may not be in what you’re looking to build. But rather, the way you’re building it. 

The reason we opened The Agency is because we reach entrepreneurs daily who’re frustrated from not seeing the rewards of their ongoing labors pan out. If you’re struggling to see results, invest in your brand! 

Feeling like a fraud.

As much as I’ve done in my businesses, life, and even with my boys (who are the awesomest!)… this one still gets me every now and then. 

No matter how much we achieve, how successful we are, or how much others look up to us… many of us suffer from a deep-seated belief that we’re really frauds.

We feel like actors, playing a part we don’t really live up to. 

This pattern of thinking is called imposter syndrome; when you doubt the validity of your own accomplishments and have a fear of being seen as a fraud. It’s often triggered by a new accomplishment, like having a six figure launch or reaching a milestone. You begin to feel that you don’t deserve it or didn’t really earn this achievement.

Imposter syndrome can be linked to anxiety, depression and self-doubt. It can cause you to procrastinate or even avoid taking risks altogether, and can impact your business and success…because you feel you must continually prove yourself. 

Like seriously; if you can own your faults, you can own your wins

You are NOT a fraud. You’re simply too focused on what others will think of you for owning those wins

Don’t be your worst enemy. Realize that you have the power to change your own life with every breath you take. Your successes are real. And if you remember nothing else from this message…Remember, your power is limitless.

XO, Tori


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