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Because I never wanted to ask myself, “what if…”

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Just a few years ago I was on the fence about where I wanted to go with my businesses.

I had a very long run with bling…and I knew that it would always be there in some form. But I was ready for something more purposeful and fulfilling long-term. I’d had this idea about a community like The Socialite for a really long time.

But you know how it can be…

You share your excitement with others to be met with the…

“What do you want to do that for?”

“Why do you want to work with women, you know how catty they can be”

“Seriously? Who is going to listen to you…?”

That’s just some of the things I got hit with. And the worst part is…that came from the people who were the closest to me, for most, if not all of my life.

The truth is…even the people who you think know you the best, don’t. Because many times you don’t share your biggest dreams with them…oftentimes from fear of what they will say or think about you…

When I started Bling years ago, I didn’t tell a single person, because I knew that

1. My Mommie would think I was behaving like a child who wanted crystals on her phone (she’s really not into bling at all).

And 2. my husband would wonder why I was investing money into something so stupid.

I went it alone. I believed in myself. And boy, was I right…

But I don’t want you to think it was just easy…

There were constant doubts…

I was afraid it wouldn’t work and that I’d be laughed at and seen as a failure by the people I loved most, and everyone else.

I did worry that soon people would take all my ideas and I’d run out of customers from having too much competition (USP).

I was nervous that I wouldn’t ever get customers, even though I knew there were women out there just like me who (still) love their bling!

In the end, I did what winners do…and that’s take a chance on myself.

Because not ever trying just wasn’t an option…

Imagine if I’d never ordered that Motorola Razr phone housing and covered it in the Hello Kitty crystals…there have been some pretty iconic moments attached to that phone; including some from the original Reality TV Socialite, Paris Hilton.

But that was only the beginning

I couldn’t have ever guessed that I’d design for & even collaborate with some of the biggest ICONS of the last decade!

Beyonce, Rihanna, Khloe Kardashian, Diane Von Furstenberg, Tyra Banks…andeven some of the less Iconic, but still notable reality mega stars of our time…Nene Leakes, Big Ang, Teresa Giudice…

I took my business & created an empire out of something that seemed so silly to other people.

And that’s why I created this community.

One based on support and sisterhood…even for ideas no one else can wrap their heads around.

A safe place where women can count on one another for inspiration, support, and encouragement…

Where they can feel like this…

I want you to know that there’s another level with your name on it…

No matter how far-fetched, unattainable, or crazy it may seem. Your passion was put into you for a reason; and each level of fulfillment brings you to yet another one.

Every single step of experience and valuable information I got along the way in Bling led me to this moment

Isn’t that amazing✨✨✨

And if you need some support or encouragement or guidance, or just a cheering squad to show up for you along the way, you don’t have to go it alone

you can sit with us, too…

XO, Tori

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