Life is Like An Elevator…

It’s true. Something I’ve realized recently is that elevators go up & down (well not that, duh😆)…

…but people come & they go, all moving towards different directions. It’s a part of life & evolution, in fact.

But what I do take issue with is those that come with ill intention – and those are the ones you have to let the door open for, and politely move them out.

Much like business…deals, partners, relationships…

We recently encountered a situation that many deal with in their own lives, and that’s what prompted me to share.

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One of the reasons that I hear lots of women say they don’t want to partner and collaborate is because they feel people are dishonest and out for themselves.

Yes, there are those people… and we will all encounter them, probably more often than we’d like to. 

There is another side of that…

You can encounter some of the most wonderful people and build incredible things together if you just be smart and pay attention to your gut.

You will find the right people when your intentions are good…but also, when you are discerning.


Watch for the signs; behaviors, side-eye, doing the opposite of what they say… listen to what people actually say, not just what you want to hear.

L. Boogie always told me that “what people say about you, good or bad, should carry little weight”.


People will say great things and praise you when it benefits them, and the very same people will talk shit when it no longer does.

What matters is that you can look at yourself and see truth between all of the noise.

How do you see yourself?


Collaborations, partnerships, and relationships with other businesspeople are important.

Especially amongst us as women working to further our dreams & demonstrate that we have power, too.

It is necessary and can be extremely beneficial for all…

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Just be careful and dutiful in who you’re choosing.

Watch the shifts. And the shade.

Jealousy is a real thing…and sometimes it can get the best of the best people.


Life is just like an elevator because sometimes people get on, they ride for awhile with you, and then they need to go.

Or You do; because you’re headed all the way to the top and you’re not coming back down. 

Keep collaborating. Keep building. Keep hustling…

XO, Tori

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