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Understanding Your Advertising Messages

In today’s market, advertising can take shape in many forms; including Instagram stories, an Instagram feed or Ad, and sharing information through the promotion, or marketing of a product. Advertising concept and creative approach are essential parts of the marketing plan.

Brands must consider multiple elements when constructing their advertising strategy for the business to be sure that it offers a value proposition to the customer that the customer perceives as valuable. But also, the business has to be sure that the visual advertisements stay in line with the brand message and appeal.


Advertising Message

The advertising message should first express an appeal to the customer. That can be humor or a heartfelt sentiment; or even excitement. It should also clearly convey that the business has something of interest, that the customer wants or needs. Integrated Marketing Solutions, or IMC, is the combined efforts by a brand to reach their ideal customer. They use stories and value to reach the customer to build a bond and show the similarities between the customers of the brand, and the individual they want to make a customer. Brands use integrated marketing solutions to show their potential customers who they are at the core, and why they should be trusted.


Value Proposition

The value proposition clearly expresses the main part of the advertisement to the customer. In this case, the value proposition is the free masterclass to give out information before asking the visitor or participant to purchase. The brand showcases what information they know and shares that with the audience. They share the fact that they understand the needs and wants of the consumer. Then they give the consumer an opportunity to buy that value if they feel it’s a good solution or fit for them.


Visual Appeal

There are many elements to the visual appeal of an ad. When brands create ads for their ideal customer, they use specific colors and combinations, symbolism and repetition.

Different colors bring different emotions and feelings. The most effective brands use these elements to create emotional bonds with their ideal customers.

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The PoshGirlsClub targets specific women owned businesses who want to build luxury brands. The ideal customer is very feminine, but strong and driven Millennial and Gen-Xer. She is someone who wants to put in the work to create multiple streams of income, and leave the corporate setting with a business of her own. The graphics are intended to grab the attention of this customer, while the written copy appeals to their value proposition and desires.

There are several factors to consider when deciding if an ad is effective in contributing to the marketing of a product or service.

As aforementioned, The PoshGirlsClub gets directly to our target audience in several ways. First, the colors and tone of our ads are directed specifically towards feminine, but powerful millennial women and Gen-exer women wanting to build their own brands. Next,we are very specific in stating that the focus would be on using Instagram as the main platform. Next, we invite people interested in learning about using Instagram for business to our value; the free masterclass. After the value is given, we present the Call To Action, to move the customer into a sale. The advertisement does a very good job of marketing for the business. The follow-up can come as Instagram stories and feed posts that lead up to the class and engage the customer even further.

We use relationship marketing in this case; where we build our bond with the customer through the free masterclass first. Once we’ve provided value, answered questions, and formed a common bond with the audience, we can make offers that the customer is more likely to be open to receiving. In most cases with the PoshGirlsClub, the customers are asking where to sign up before the class has ended, because they have received so much value and now they trust us to deliver specifically for them.

The advertising concept and creative approach are both very modern and targeted directly to the ideal client of each brand. Using the Instagram platform to market the advertisement is a great way to reach the intended audience. Using graphics that pop and attract the right customer is essential. The PoshGirlsClub conveys our message while keeping a strong brand aesthetic and message.

What are your advertising messages & how do you use them in your business?

We’d love to hear your thoughts…

Advertising Messages, by Tori Torres, CEO @ThePoshGirlsClub Follow Tori @PoshTori on Instagram!

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