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Social media changes rapidly and daily due to ever evolving trends.

Now more than ever before, brands are seeking to capture the attention of their target audience, engage and then make them a loyal customer. As the internet, social media, and creative advertising continue to scale and grow, they will need to get even more creative. 


          As internet use, social media, and mobile marketing expands, regulations will continue to change and adapt to meet the new issues and demands of online users.

The new GDPR Laws are one example of how regulation will affect businesses, the way they market, track users, and store data of not only customers, but website & ad viewers. Paily (2017), “One of the most significant aspects of GDPR is that this regulation applies to all companies that control, process, or store the data of EU citizens—even if the company is located outside of the EU”, (para. 5).

            As brands incorporate retargeting and cookies into their marketing plans, they must take GDPR into consideration. Sites must warn & inform visitors that they use cookies to store certain information and track behaviors in order to use retargeting. 


            Retargeting is an awesome method that businesses use to essentially follow the customer around online. 

According to “Retargeter”(2018),  “Retargeting is so effective because it focuses your advertising spend on people who are already familiar with your brand and have recently demonstrated interest. That’s why most marketers who use it see a higher ROI than from most other digital channels”, (para. 4). Moving forward with a marketing mix for regulation, brands will need to stay current with changes in laws not just in their country, but any company that they ship to, service, and every visitor that comes in contact with them.


            Interactive media is an incredible advancement that is a growing trend in the marketing mixture, and an absolute favorite. Website owners can give their brands a personal touch with the introduction of virtual helpers , or employees in the form of Chatboxes. Essentially, the user lands on a website and can get instant, interactive, artificial intelligence assistance without ever having to speak to a person. Brands like Facebook report having seen over 100,000 active bots that interact via Messenger on the platform already. Wade (2018), “Chatbots give brands the chance to interact quickly with their audience in a way that feels personal. As bots become smarter and more human-like you can customize your brand voice and send personalized messages directly to users”, (para. 6). An example of this in the real world is Kit.

Kit is a product used by Shopify, the website host. Currently, users can use Kit as a part of the marketing offered by Shopify at no additional cost. Kit interacts with store owners to help with marketing strategies, making suggestions based on actions taken within the shop and potential client behaviors.

It’s an incredibly powerful marketing tool for any business, and everything is automated and customized to each store and its users.


            Kit offers data that the business would have to figure out in other ways on their own.

Using the data that Kit compiles and allowing the AI to create the marketing campaigns can be very beneficial to the business which can free it up to focus on other parts, like the creatives for lead pages, social media marketing, and developing ads. 

            With a program or Chatbox like Kit, brands can reach more audiences as well with less work, by again using the data from Kit.

But then, taking that data a step further and projecting what new audiences can look like based on the original data compiled.

            Globalization is such a large topic to cover in any realm; and especially with regard to trends in advertising and marketing messages.

One factor to consider when thinking about social media and mobile ads with regard to globalization is how advertisers will handle changes in society and maintaining culture and tradition inside their borders.

Covergirl is a brand that sells makeup products worldwide. But the brand messages has changed immensely, with multi-cultural women in their advertising and social media covered in makeup who are previously known to be more modern, as well as having men in makeup as the face of the brand.

Is this something other cultures around the world are ready to accept and embrace? The marketing message is just as important as the product itself, so can the company cross all boundaries with the current direction for their campaigns is the question to address.

According to (Kaul, 2011), “The effect of the spread of multinational media corporations has resulted in cultural imperialism, a loss of local cultural identity. The global commercial-media system is radical in that it will respect no tradition or custom, on balance, if it stands in the way of profits”, (para 11).


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            Countries across the world may not be ready to accept such extreme changes in the norms for religious and cultural reasons. Covergirl specifically would have to consider not running ads that would be considered so extreme in certain companies, to avoid being offensive or disrespectful. The issue that arises is that people will still feel isolated and left out of campaigns in certain segments of the world. 

            In this case, the advertising strategy would be to find & advertise the brand within markets that are most accepting; while working to create change in other countries that are more strict with their traditions and culture design.


            In the next ten years, advertising may include far more AI types like Kit for Shopify.

Years ago, phone companies figured out how to automate a great number of their calls, moving callers to the right departments without having to speak to them at the front line. In ten years, APPS like Kit will do most of the advertising work for brands. Telling them what their store visitors look like, what products they visited and for how long. Also, what visitors are online and even interacting with that visitor in real time on behalf of the brand.


            The ethical implications to consider with the growth of AI is how many jobs for people; real living humans will be replaced. The more brands rely on and depend on AI, the less human interaction is required. 

Another ethical consideration is data breach. With Kit and upcoming APPS that store so much client data for brands, cyber security becomes less safe and secure for users. So regulation and security for users becomes a major factor when tracking customers around the web. How much information tracked becomes too much? Soon regulations just like GDPR must be revisited for other countries as well.

            In globalization, ethics in marketing is a huge consideration. When is too much acceptance too much? How does the brand respect traditions and cultures while still helping evolve and respect human rights? There’s an ethical consideration here that goes beyond selling products. Any brand must consider how to support and embrace without dividing and igniting violence, anger, and outrage.

            For any brand advertising in the digital age, there are so many new and evolving trends. Social media offers a very unique and incredible opportunity for advertisers to reach their ideal clients and multiply them all over the world. As the internet and opportunities grow, businesses must consider how to be aware of changes in regulations to meet legal expectations. Also, they must look at the innovative and creative marketing mix and trends of the future that will help increase productivity; like AI such as Kit for Shopify. Finally, think globally and how their message will resonate with audiences across the world. 


Written by Tori Torres, CEO @ThePoshGirlsClub

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