Why Your Instagram Is Not Growing…

One of the problems that I see with brands, having such a huge community myself, is that they are trying to do far too much at once.

I cannot stress this enough.

Your visitors spend all day getting offers from companies when all they want to do is check their Instagram feed, chat it up with their fam, or add the newest, cutest selfie to their timeline!

Businesses (maybe this is you) spend hours creating sales funnels for a product they don’t know that anyone wants. They create prices truly out of thin air and offer them to audiences that they have not won over yet.

And they make too many offers at a time to those audiences, which can be confusing and quite overwhelming. Brand & community building takes time and daily commitment…

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I consider myself a business hacker.

Because when I see a new process that a brand implements, I want to understand how that process works to the core. There’s no such thing as a simple purchase in my mind.

I understand that the customer has gone through a complete process of thought before they decided to make that purchase.

This is why brands (especially new ones) so often fail at launch and barely make it off the ground. Because so many emerging brands lead with the sale.

They don’t think about the process that a customer goes through – that they actually go through themselves – when deciding on a new product or a new brand.

My hacking extends to my customer base.

I put myself into their shoes for every product, and think about what a brand would have to do to secure my business in that area, and then I work from that place of intent up to the sales offer.

The customer goes through an intense thought process when they meet your brand for the first time. And as you build that relationship with them, the intensity and familiarity grows. But that doesn’t mean that you get to stop there. The buy is truly the beginning if you’re looking for ongoing brand loyalty with that customer.

So here are 5 things that I’ve done this year and a half to grow an immense, engaged community of 500k!

  1. Everything we do here daily @ThePoshGirlsClub is Value-Centered. It’s not about just getting people into our groups or products to make a sale. If you come and buy once and the product wasn’t a good fit or what you were searching for, then we lose. Because you never come back to get the right one that we know we have for you. So we lead with value first to get you into the right place. That is, Free Challenges for Coaches, Influencers, Business & Brand Building…whatever you need we have something available in our Resources to get you in the right place.
  2. The next thing I did was Watch and Listen. The cost to acquire a new person is so much (7 x’s) higher than taking care of the ones you already have. So when a new customer comes in, their behaviors tell me what they need & want from me, and how I can help them to that process. If I lose someone in the process, I can check the analytics to understand why. Analytics are your best friend in your business so spend the time to understand how your customers are moving in your brand, and you can draw more of them to your brand.
  3. Over-deliver. Once the visitor becomes a customer, I over-deliver. Because this leads to brand loyalty. And when someone is loyal to your brand, they want everyone to know it’s out there. They can’t stop gushing over you and they will always show up. This brings more people to you every single day, organically! You cannot buy that.
  4. Be strategic with what & how much you offer. Too many sales funnels at a time confuse the buyer; especially if they’re anew buyer. They can want it all or get distracted very easily. So focusing on a single message, product, or even service at once makes all the difference. As long as the brand has an overall message, delivered through multiple products with one as the complete focus at a time, the brand wins. When the brand tries to cover multiple products at once, they lose. Imagine if Apple released all of their iPhone versions at once… they lose. But they release one just about every year, and sell it over and over. They focus on the audience & community as they develop those new products. Multiplied by every other product – including ipad, iMac, etc. Be strategic.
  5. Be Authentic. I can’t stress enough this point. I spent this year growing @ThePoshGirlsClub to nearly 500k (on trac to reach that point by end of year based on analytics) because I spent the time to get to know my community…and let them get to know me. Not some perfected version of me. But the truest, most honest version of myself I could be. Vulnerable. Emotional. Silly. Imperfect. Many have come and gone in this year. But many have shown up, gotten involved in our community. They have invested in our Accelerators program. They’ve become valued members of our community and taken on leadership roles. The growth came from being the person I know best in the world, and having the courage to let others in on my journey…share it with them in the most honest way that I can, and then being there for that community through live streams, free courses, workshops, and of course The Socialite Society.

I’m launching a new challenge here with The #POSHGIRLS Team…we’ll be guiding you through the process to reach new audiences & actually grow your following. I’m sharing the exact processes in a FREE 5 Day Challenge to help you build the right audience, the right way.

Want in?

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