Here’s How To Become A Coach

If you find yourself dreaming of becoming a mindset, business, or mindset coach… read on.

So many of my clients are skeptical about if they can make a living as a Coach. They have seen all these stories about people traveling the world, “living their best life”, on their own terms, with just “wi-fi & a dream”!

They see YouTubers, Bloggers, & Vloggers making $100k+ per year! Hundreds and thousands of followers…loving every second of their lives!

One of the very first questions I’ll often receive is… “How do I even become a coach?”

But honestly, it can be overwhelming to know how or where to even begin. There are so many things to consider, amirite?

Things like how the heck to get more followers, how to create an email sequence, and before that – a lead page…what even is a lead page? And beyond this…how will you take all these things and monetize them?

So many things to consider…it makes your head spin!

Those are probably the questions you’re most likely asking yourself, all the time…

Keep reading…

Be sure to read all the way through, because there are some things we’ll cover along the way to see if you’re built for this Coaching gig…

Here’s how to become a Coach…

First, find your Niche & Area of Focus + Create Your Signature Offerings

Upon launching your coaching business, you have to have a true understanding of what your focus will be. I focus on systems that will work for you while you focus on your creative genius.

You can quickly burnout or deal with overwhelm when taking on too many areas. So my goal is always to help my clients structure, monetize, then scale.

In terms of business, you achieve mastery when you zone in on the area that you LOVE and go hard.

I’ve grown multiple six-figure business that have been featured on platforms like Bravo TV, Project Runway, House of DVF, and partnered with some of this decades biggest celebrity Icons; including Beyonce Knowles Carter, Khloe Kardashian, Rihanna, Taylor Swift & Ciara.

But before I did any of that, before packaging up my services so I could charge my worth, I had to figure out where I wanted to put my focus. Then I would dig deep into that zone I wanted to focus on, and those I would help.

That required self searching. Like deep, soul searching.

I had to understand my zone of genius, and what I’m great at. Brand & Business Hacking; design, systems, structures, & scaling. All with a Luxury flair. That’s my zone of expertise & no one does this quite like I do.

Fall in love with your purpose.

That looks different for everyone…what have you struggled with? Overcome? What have you built in a way that only you can? What’s your area of expertise, and how is it delivered through you in a special and unique way?

What would you love to teach? How can you best help others?

When I created ThePoshGirlsClub, the goal was not to get into coaching. I simply wanted to create incredible Planners because of my love for productivity & planning and knowing how beneficial it’s been for my life; I’m a high-performing entrepreneur because of the planning and execution. That’s what I was focused on.

But when people began asking for my help in other areas, I moved seamlessly into the role; one I didn’t know if I was quite prepared for. And yet, I didn’t let fear of making mistakes stop me from moving forward.

Instead I fell in love with trying things out- blogging, videography, letting my creativity take me wherever it wanted to.

I centered my brand & structure with what felt right. Because there will be mistakes, and you simply grin, bear it, & level up. I didn’t worry about doing things wrong; instead I focused on things going right and beautifully.

So to begin, think about what you truly LOVE & have a PASSION for.

Are you interested in helping people create healthy lives & relationships? Maybe you’re fit to be a life coach!

Great at organizing? You can help people organize their daily lives for those challenged in this space.

Perhaps you’re really great with meal planning and food prep! Awesome! You can do this for people from anywhere in the world!

Do you have some of the best tips ever on mindset and how to manifest their best life? Sweet! Help others get through their tough times with your gift!

There is really no limit to the value that you can bring into the lives of others, helping them achieve wellness and greatness.

Now…once you know your zone, you need a signature package.

Increase Your Value and Then You Can Increase Your Price Point

Listen, one of my biggest issues with many coaches & guides are the fact that they complain about giving too much value. If you have this mindset, and your focus is on money first, you’ll always be limiting yourself by trying to limit how you can be a resource to someone who needs it.

The money will come…and in most cases, it will come in such abundance & overflow that you will be overwhelmed by it. But the focus must be on creating & doing good.

This is a space for giving back to the world, & you will reap this in return.


That means, helping someone reach a solution or resolution, inspiring them, or helping them reach a goal.

When I started transitioning into Coaching & developing my community, I started building an online following very fast by offering free tools, ebooks, and then paid products & courses.

Want to increase your audience, finances, and Influence? Join The Graduates and get access to hundreds of hours of resources & trainings on everything from Brand Building on Pinterest, to Instagram.

So think about ways that you can add value to people’s lives with the knowledge you already have.

If you don’t know how you can add value, then work on improving yourself first; by learning, taking classes, or getting certified as a coach so you have more tools to help people in their lives. Learn how to structure what you know, so that you can deliver your gifts!

Remember that what you offer is indeed a Service to increase value in someone’s life! So sell & sell often!

You have an entire audience of people waiting & wanting – YOU! They simply aren’t aware that you’re out there…so it’s your job to let them know!

Once you know what your amazing product is that you have to offer, get it out into the world and SELL IT, Babe!

There is nothing sleazy about selling! In fact, we live in an overwhelming world with so many bad people & products that aren’t helping people who truly need them. You owe it to the world to bring something different!

If you dream client doesn’t know that you exist, or that you have this incredible product (you) that you want to bring more value into their lives, then they will never be better for having known you…and maybe they don’t reach their full potential; or tap into their special thing.

There are people who may never reach who they were meant to be, because you are hiding your magic…

Find your Voice + Build Your Presence

Don’t play it small. You may be afraid that if you do put yourself out there, people will laugh, make fun of you, or even try to call you  a ‘fraud’.

Do not fall victim to this imposter syndrome nonsense. You were given your passions for a reason!

Affirm within yourself that people need your message. Everyone deals with this in some way or another. Fear is a LIAR trying to keep you from your dreams & help others reach theirs.

Once you know your message, and the people you want to serve, you’ll need to build your brand presence!

That is the very first stage we’ll take you through with this course to make certain that you have a thriving brand presence that really stands out!

Now, look at you! You are that much closer to living your true passion; becoming that coach who can help others in your zone of genius.

Imagine how amazing this is going to be… Seeing all of the incredible DM’s & messages people will send you as you help them achieve results.

Feel how great it is to be paid to do what you absolutely love. Knowing that you have abundance & the finances you always knew you were capable of earning. You are filled with gratitude and happiness; abundance & overflow! See it…feel it…experience it…

Ready To Take the next step? If you’re ready to learn how to have successful coaching sessions, and learn deep mindset tools that will help you really change the lives of your clients, I invite you to join my FREE 5 Day Training to help you get started.

Drop any questions you have below & I’ll be sure to chime in!

Let me know what you’re passionate about & how you know you can bring this in a meaningful way…

XO, Tori

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