Must Knows To Elevate Your Coaching Sessions

When I first discovered the Coaching world…I was so excited! It came so naturally to me, like I was meant to do this!

Elevate Your Coaching

I was like hold up…seriously? People will pay me to do this? What I do anyway??

Teaching and sharing tips on how I grew my community, built Bling and then the PGC…


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Helping others do the thing they love all day, from the comfort of their homes, too? Oh yea. Count me in!

But soon it hit me.

The panic. The nerves. The Impostor Syndrome!

Why would I be able to coach anyone? Who cares what I have to say? How the hell am I going to help people and actually get paid to do it?

I was thrilled, excited…and terrified all at the same time. I didn’t really know how to execute my coaching in a structured way. I knew what I wanted to share…but had no ida how I was supposed to share it.


How was I supposed to do this? Would people laugh at me? Call me a fraud? Judge me for not having the right systems in place…?


How can I be sure that my clients are actually learning and growing?

What do I say in a session?

How the hell do I even start my sessions?
The questions gave me that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach…and then I booked my first one…like on accident, without even trying. And I was like, oh crap.

I was so distracted by fears of structuring things, that I wasn’t paying attention to the bigger picture.

I had the answers.

I didn’t know all of the structures to set up the business. But I knew I had the personality, the heart, and the skill to help people!

I took that first call, put fear to the side, and rocked that first call.

That client was so impressed and overwhelmed with my information, that she booked more calls with me – and continues to do so throughout her journey in her business.

But my business was “small” for much longer than it should have been.

Putting doubts and fears on what I knew I knew, kept me from helping others sooner. And it can be a dream killer for those who have solutions to provide others.

What I know now, is that if any Coach fears their ability to help their clients, they’ll self-sabotage if they’re wanting to attract high paying customers.

Have you ever felt self sabotage and doubt kick in?
If you have, I totally get it.
I have been there, done that, wrote the rule book on self-doubt, and I will not let you stay there.

Once I too was fearful of growth, following my passion & where it was leading me, and the possibilities that lay ahead…and now I’m helping women across the globe follow their dreams and bring their gifts to the forefront.


Elevate Your Coaching! Course from ThePoshGirlsClub

Here are 3 Tips For Elevating and Slaying a Successful Coaching Session to help your clients transform & grow quickly.

Three Coaching Need To Knows For Upgrading and Elevating Your Coaching Sessions

1. Help them see themselves

A great Coach understands that their clients will all have perceived limitations and ways they have always dealt with those self imposed barriers. As the Coach, it’s important to understand how to get your clients to see and recognized that these are self imposed, and they can be changed by first recognizing and becoming aware of these feelings.


Your job is essentially to help them see this, without telling them that the mindset exists. Because without the right mindset and outlook, change is unlikely. Growth is unlikely. Shifts don’t occur.

What if you can build your client and help shift their thought patterns and subconscious mind that tells them they can’t do or have what they want to? That is your ultimate goal.

2. Understand Learning Styles

Initially, you’ll want to give a standard test for understanding the learning styles of your individual clients. This will serve you well in your coaching business. You know what it’s like…you have those who internalize and judge themselves from the inside; their minds always on go while silent on the outside.

Then there are those who are so verbal and constantly putting themselves down, making jokes about their short-comings or over-compensating and bragging about who they are.
All the while, you know that these are just disguises and masks for many things. Insecurity, sadness, loneliness, shame. Understanding the place that your client works from will help you work better with them. Knowing triggers can be essential in building the relationship and taking down the walls little by little. All working for the good of your client and your relationship with them.

Earlier this year, there was a scheduling mishap with a client. She’s busy, on the move just like me. And through a text message, she misread and misinterpreted something I said to her. Instead of messaging, I instantly called her (because I know that she’s always busy, and skims for the main points often). I didn’t go on the defensive. I listened.

And realized her frustration was around something happening in her day, not with me. And she ended up being one of my biggest referrals, rave reviewers, and highest result-having clients.

She’s a high-performer. Which is usually A-Type personality. Go getter, doer, mover, shaker. Results-driven. And so am I. It would’ve been very easy for us to misunderstand one another and end that relationship on the crash & burn. But I understood her personality style and got off of the defensive; something that has no place in the Coaching business. And she’s still an ongoing member of our private Socialite Society community.

Three Coaching Need To Knows For Upgrading and Elevating Your Coaching Sessions

3. Connect the Dots

Many times you’ll find that your client has an idea and struggles with pulling their concepts and thought processes together. That is not because they don’t know their business, life, or goals; they simply don’t know the structures that you’re there to help them with. When you’re working with your clients, listening will be your biggest asset. They tell you exactly what they need. You just have to be open and hear what that actually is. I remember once hearing a quote that said “People aren’t listening. They’re waiting for their chance to speak”. Profound AF.


And so, I’ve made it a point to not be this person.

When others are speaking, they get eye contact and focus. They get my full ear – not me doing something else and partially hearing. Because oftentimes, it’s what they aren’t saying that you can read that you’ll need to tap into the most.

Elevate Your Coaching

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