Creating a Plan From Your Vision Board

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

“Needless to say that the long-term planning is nothing more than a well educated guess. However, short term planing is the strong prerequisite of the most precious asset; TIME.”

Vision boards are sometimes profiled as overrated. You may have thought of some cardboard cutout with a bunch of old photos super-glued together. Maybe that made you cringe if you like clean design (like me), or maybe it made you swoon with nostalgia.


Either way, creating a vision board can mean whatever you want it to mean, whether that’s a cardboard cutout or Pinterest. The thing about a vision board is that it’s here for you. It is here to help you feel inspired for the new year, and get you into a hopeful state of mind so that you can create a clear vision of your life.

When I want to get a crystal clear picture of my direction, I go to my vision board. Whenever I feel lost and need a reminder of where I want to go…I go to my vision board. When I need to set the intention with the clearest of certainty…you guessed it; Vision Board, it is!


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For me, there’s nothing like seeing that dream, wish, goal and my affirmations in one place – reminding me what I am capable of. And showing me, what I’m doing all this for.

And there’s one final thing – feeling what it’ll be like at every step of the way as I reach each level.

When time is more valued than ever before, planning is essential. Those who never master planning get left behind. When you don’t plan for time management, you find yourself procrastinating, multitasking, overworking, in a constant state of “busy”, and going in circles…never reaching those visions & goals.

That all changes today.

To plan your vision for this year, you want to begin thinking about your biggest goal for the year.

If you can reach one major goal this year, what would it be?

This is your wildest dream! So many are afraid to talk about or declare their dreams…for fear of embarrassment or fear that you won’t reach them. This works against you because you are moving from a place of doubt.

Write it down. Then, create an affirmation for this goal.

That can be a favorite quote or phrase. One of my favorite since I first heard it in high school was “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” It has always been my “mantra”, and if you’ve ever seen my live on Instagram, then you’ve seen the artwork of that quote behind me.

This is where your first graphic will come into play!!! Choose graphics that show where you want to be! That show the life you want!

What will your life look like once you have achieved this goal? Be very clear here on what a life with this goal looks like in every way. Think about…

1. Who’s around you?

2. What does your day to day look like?

3. Who is your support system?

4. Who advises you or helps hold you accountable? Very specific!

Create an affirmation for what this looks like:

I am supported.

Community over competition.

All phrases that show you are not alone in your endeavors.

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Find images that represent who’s in your tribe. Or how you feel about being supported, so the right people come into your life who represent that feeling!

What does it feel like reaching this goal? Feeling and allowing yourself to experience the win or accomplishment is one of the best things you can do to put on the emotion of achievement and success to help get you there.

Write down: I feel { } about having my { }. I’m so proud of what I’ve accomplished. I’m grateful that this experience has brought me { }! I can now do { }! It feels amazing to { }!


You. Already. Have. It.

This is my favorite – I actually like to use items that represent what I’m wanting to bring into my life. It can be places or actual items of that thing. Attach the name to the building if you want a building – how does that make you feel to see it?

How to create a vision board

The planning stage is where everything happens. Planning is the magic. It really is that simple. But you have to plan with purpose. SMART goals are simply those which you can achieve in short stages, so you are consistently moving along in your process.


Plan and execute five coaching webinars this

quarter with 100+ attendees per event and 90% or higher satisfied/very satisfied response on content.


This example is specific (5 webinars), measurable (number of attendees and satisfaction rate), attainable (the resources are available), relevant (useful for the business) and time-based (within this quarter).


During the next four weeks, design a full coaching course on presentation skills that contains a pre-assessment, three hours of online coursework and a half-day face-to-face training session that features video, a post-course assessment and coaching.

Specific: type of course and layout

Measurable: completion of the whole course and individual parts, such as assessments that can be measured

Attainable: Proper planning & breakdown is physically possible, not too demanding

Realistic: Skill set in place to achieve desired outcome, no additional training or cost incurred.

Time-based: within four weeks

This is the beginning of creating your plan for the new year to grow in your personal & business life.

Join our Vision Board Party & get the workbook to help you start setting attainable goals that align with your vision.

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