Do you realize that you’re really not the boss?

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I see it happen far too frequently…people start making some money from their business…and they begin to forget the reason they’re even in business…

I recently purchased a bundle on building better funnels. I live for sales funnels, I am always elevating my own!

Everyone knows I homeschool Mr. Man…and he actually said just this morning, that he hears me say this word about 100 times a day, lol! I’m obsessed with Brian Moran from Samcart (he’s legit a genius), but this time it was a product someone recommended to me.

I had some trouble getting the product, then had some issues actually getting a response after emailing, and finally settled on sending a DM. Still no answer, and so I posted on her page to check her emails & dm’s…

When she did finally respond, she simply said  that “her team would get back to me”. That was it.

No, hey there, I’m sorry that you’re having trouble, someone will get back to you, you’re important, you matter…thank you for purchasing my damn product…like legit, nothing. 

Someone from my team will get back to you was the full response.

Now, there are so many issues with this. I talked about them on The Podcast right afterwards because I was so triggered.

But I’d like to now use my better senses to give a few business tips that so many people are leaving on the floor. 

Business Tips For Start-ups

1. No-one owes you their business. 

It doesn’t matter how much you love what you do, or how great you are at what you do. Or how awesome your product is. Businesses exist in abundance. I’m well aware that there are other community leaders or business strategists with excellent credentials. What sets me apart (USP) is the way that I treat my community members. I understand that people have options, and so I value the fact that women from across the world choose me to help them in their life’s goals. I get that this is a tremendous honor.

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2. You are still a servant to your community.

The community and the customers that come into your business are your boss, not the other way around. I know, you’re like “wait, what?” But yes.

This is a mindset shift. With all the “boss babes” out there, and the “I’m a boss & I run this or that” mindset…the truth is without the customer, you don’t have anything to be the boss of.

Be deserving of your clients, customers, & community. Serve them with great attitudes, behaviors, products, & services. And they will reward you with their loyalty and their friends & family referrals because they know that those closest to you are safe with them.

Act as though you only care about the money, and you lose their trust and future business. Yes boss babe, you serve.

3. Every customer matters.

What I find that people often forget or ignore…is that a customer who pays $10 is every bit as valuable as the one who’ll pay you $1000. The one who pays $10 may just be paying the $10 to test & explore…get to know you. They may be very well capable of paying you the $1000, but you just haven’t earned it yet.

It’s so important for business owners to think about the customer’s needs first. Not what they need or want first. Yes, you need/want money to pay your bills, take vacations, raise your families, do fun stuff…

But when you solve problems for your customer in a genuine & authentic way – your need will be met.

Because they need you.

They value you as a resource.

They trust you.

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You’re in business because you have customers. They stop, so does the money.

So here are a few suggestions on ways you can always remember to put the customer first and show them that they are of value to your business.

  1. When a customer has a problem receiving something from you, send them something extra. I was at a newly opened Mexican restaurant recently with the boys, and their food is superb, just delicioso! But when they initially brought the plate out, it was the wrong thing. Before I could even get it out that it was wrong, he could see I looked puzzled – he didn’t ignore me and pretend not to see my reaction. He didn’t just try to avoid the uncomfortable situation.. He asked is everything okay, and he had the plate in his hands before I could even explain the issue. He fixed the problem with such enthusiasm and desire to help me. He wanted me to be happy.Why isn’t this a thing anymore? People want to collect the money, but aren’t waiting with baited breath to get the raving reviews? I’m always waiting on the raving review…or wondering how can I improve. That’s the mindset shift.
  2. Next, see yourself as a contracted employee of the customer. Essentially, the consumer is your boss, not the other way around. Yes, to a degree…just go with me, here. They drive up the demand for your product. So you need the consumer to monetize. You must understand what they like and don’t. Understand their behaviors – what are they consuming the most of? And what don’t they care about. As the business, you are only employed when you have something they want from you.
  3. Create a system within your business model that anticipates errors, mishaps, & things that can go wrong. Have a set rule of thumb for how customers get responses. Have a system that identifies how you as the business will make sure to not let willing, buying customers slip through the cracks because you were not paying attention.

In this scenario, I am a willing, buying customer who will never shop again with this particular brand.

And yet, I’ll be returning to that restaurant (in just a few minutes, in fact for some lunch with the guys) for as long as they’re in business; which I’d assume will be a very long time, because…well, they get it.

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XO, Tori

What are your thoughts? Have you had any experiences where you felt a company didn’t care about your business? Did you ever return? Drop it in the comments, let’s chat!

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