The Time I Lost Everything…

Think about this for a second…

Just a few years ago I got divorced. I left an abusive marriage and started over with my two boys. And when I say, started over…

I mean, I had to start from the bottom. He was the kind of person who was not going to let me just walk away from him without a fight. But I did it.

And I rebuilt.

Within 2 years, I’d developed my “Case of the Month” concept. And that was the game changer.

But it did not come easily

I had to invest in myself at times I was terrified if I’d have enough to cover groceries. Seriously, it got real, real fast.

I worked relentlessly. Tirelessly. And no one around me got it.


They said…

Why don’t you just sue him?

Why don’t you just go back (Seriously, this is an actual thing people said to me!)?

Why are you always working? Every time I see you, you’ve got a computer in your face.

Why don’t you just put the boys in daycare and go get a “real job”.


The people closest to me stopped talking to me, and could not believe my audacity to walk away from such a “Posh Life”.

They didn’t get that what I wanted more than anything was to build a life that did not require him in it.

Anyone ever felt like the people around you just don’t get it?

Your drive, your passion, your dreams to have more – because that’s exactly why MORE exists! So you can have a piece of it!

I dug in.

I Didn’t date. I Got so focused on myself, my boys & my goals.

And I created an incredibly successful business. 

And then I repeated that a second time, with The PoshGirlsClub. Not because of anything that makes me particularly special…

Except for the fact that when I was at my hardest trial & it was the time most give up…I dug deeper.

He wasn’t going to win.

I have a very clear system for how I did this – first in Bling, and with PGC. I have both successful physical & digital product companies, and that is the information I share with my Socialite Society.

I know what works & what doesn’t using social media to grow a brand, because I’ve done it over & over!

There are lots of people on social media telling people what to do, when they themselves have not achieved it yet…and my social proof soars!

We can be tracked back to early 2003 online through blogs, articles, celebrity events & major media outlets!

It’s my goal this year to help women re-think everything, recreate their lives and live in their passion!

I don’t believe in fluff content. 

My time is valuable – as is yours. All of our resources are proven strategies & systems that work if you do!

Every free resource becomes a paid one, so you are getting tremendous value always.

We have hundreds of hours more of resources just like those inside of The Socialite Society.



Some of those resources include Instagram growth strategies (tons of this content), How to build your sales funnels for any business – this is what you will need to scale and chill, Influencer pitch decks, Legal advice for startups from our resident attorney (who’s also in the group), ebooks, planners, so much branding content you’ll be amazed that it’s only $29/month!

Seriously…whether you join me in PGC Accelerators, or you’re joining The Socialite, you are setting yourself up for a game changing 2019.

We are not playing small…and neither should you.

We’re your best friends cheering you on…

We’re the community you need to show up for you when you’re feeling nervous and just need a show of support.

We’re there to celebrate your highs & help you through the lows.

But you have to decide…are you in or out?

We have all the resources you need.

And if you take the leap, this will be your best investment, and level up for 2019.

Can’t wait to see you in there…

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