Radical Self Love

Have you ever found yourself doubting who you are…and what you’re capable of?

What about if you really are as great as your Mom always said?

Or if you really do have the best way of showing what you do to the world?

Can you sell yourself? Your products?

Can you do so with confidence?

Can you really have the best life?

Do you deserve it?


There are times in life where every single person has some, if not all of these doubts…because it comes down to the question of…am I good enough?

Am I good enough?

4 words that have crushed so many dreams…because they led people to overwhelming self doubt that became greater than their self belief.

In the past several years since my divorce, I have been able to reach some of the highest highs & accomplish really stealthy goals.

At the same time, there are so many places where I still played it small.

There were times where I allowed myself to be picked on, taken for granted, still mistreated by those who came int my life.

I did not recognize my worth, still.

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Other times, I hid behind my fears and missed opportunities that I know were meant for me. I was too busy comparing myself to them, thinking that I just wasn’t worthy, or good enough.

I had to ask myself, “How did you let this happen”? Then, after some self reflection, I realized that it was because of the stories I was STILL telling myself. 

It’s been some time since I removed this negative dialogue with myself from my brain. Those places where I fed such horrible words and kept the most insecure feelings…the ones that made me cower inside myself.

When I look deeper into myself, I can see how I went wrong and betrayed myself.

How I got to the places I did and hid there…

What I realized is just the idea that there were sparks inside of me tingling and glowing in the darkness and that made me valuable.

Just the fact that I was willing to go in search of them, and breathe life into them.

That showed me that I was already good enough.

Here’s the thing I realized;

You have your desires for a reason.

You have your thoughts & talents, gifts, & your complete self, just the way you are, for a reason.

None of it is by accident!

Here’s what I want you to think about as you move into the month of Love…

No More Judging Yourself (or others)

What I’ve seen so much in my life and experience in business, is that people are afraid of what those around them will think about them. Ugh. This can be one of the most crippling feelings! I always talk about my Mommie, aka L. Boogie, who has dealt with this for so much of her life because she was a 16 year old teenage mom.

What she continues to miss and skip over, is the fact that at 16, she had the presence of mind to become such an incredible parent, an amazing businesswoman, and a visionary; teaching me to, all while securing the bag for her Grandsons!

She gets stuck in the past & how she was labeled, and misses the incredible woman she grew up to become!

She has so much valuable information to share with women on how she moved out of toxic situations, saw better for herself and for me, and how she built a very secure and beautiful life for herself, working in Corporate America for so many years.

Now…she has a story to share, and what I’d hate to see is her leaving all of that on the table when there’s a woman someplace that can benefit from what she knows!

So if you’ve experienced something in life that you were judged for…guess what; it’s in the past, over, done, and there’s no going back!

What matters is what you do now!

I’m seriously ready for my #PoshGirls to move beyond that negative, self-berating, feeling of unworthiness…into a consistent, self-loving & supporting dialogue.

See, when everyone else around you gives up on you or doesn’t give you that full amount of support you think you need….I want you to have the tools to give them to yourself, because you are the one who has to make the commitment beyond hustle, to take life & squeeze the most out of it!

Consistently tapping into that part of you that lies deep under all the BS you’ve fed yourself your entire life.

This month, we are focused on self-healing & connecting to the deepest parts of you that have been growing since you were a child. Impressions from family, friends, frenemies, and straight up haters who try and put their negative thoughts & attitudes into your lap.

You know, those bad relationships oozing of toxicity!

But even more importantly… we are working on the relationship you have with YOU!

Maybe you know a friend or your own family that can benefit from some radical self love…If so, please share it with them!

The world seriously can use more healing…that’s what I’m actively doing this month of Love, to Feed more of it into my community.

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