How to Keep The Attention of Your Customers in a World Full of Distractions

There is a lot going on, all the time on social media.

It takes more than just a few posts – or even a well-thought out posting schedule to make sure you’re staying engaged with your target audience.

Ideally, you want people checking in for you daily. After all, the more they check in, the more you’re on their minds…the more they buy your products…the more they return!

And isn’t that the whole idea?

The goal of any great business should be to bring customers in daily, sure. But beyond that, audience retention is the game changer!

The Six Figure Strategy says this:

  1. Get right to the ideal audience and get them to convert the first time.
  2. Then, make sure you offer them something additional. You want to increase this first purchase.
  3. Finally, keep them coming back! Make sure you get that single customer to buy from you repeatedly!

Now, let’s talk about the strategy to get you there.

One of the ways I drive visitors into the PGC brand daily is through my content creation. My content is the key element in reaching the right audience. So no matter what product I sell, I use content like video, written context, blogging, and stories to promote it. I use my PGC Journal to write out any thoughts or Inspiration that I have throughout the day. Those become topics for my emails, videos, blogs, etc.

Each journal entry can be broken up usually into at least 2 or 3 pieces of content. So the journal is the starting place for all of my ideas that I then begin executing, with my PGC Business Planner. The two work hand in hand to help me daily, and I legit take them everywhere!

Here’s an example of what that would look like.

Let’s say you’re a thought leader in the planning & events space. How would you communicate with your customers/ audience regularly?

How to keep your customers engaged daily

For the event planner, her email may be based around current events she’s working on.

But she can break it down even further to why the customer chose a particular theme. Or what her inspiration was for the theme.

Talk about the chosen patterns from the vision board & how they compliment one another.

Then compare the vision board to the chosen foods for that event and how those went so well together.

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These are several individual topics to discuss.

Each topic becomes the email, blog post, IG stories, & value info for the private group.

  1. Write out your thoughts in one stream of consciousness in your journal. Maybe even read some of your favorite articles or magazines on the subject for some inspo.
  2. Break the inspiration down into several topics that you can use for the week based around the initial journal.
  3. Write out an email for your email list (for each topic), and schedule them to go out that week.
  4. Now, you’ll take that email and elaborate on it right in your next blog post.
  5. Then, take the main excerpts/pointers from the blog post and let those go into your Instagram stories.
  6. Finally, invite the person to your Text group or private community where you can deliver more value to them.

This becomes a daily practice, until it’s like walking. Content creation really does change the way your audience sees you. It allows you to show them what you know and how you help them. They begin to see how what you offer fits into their daily lives.

It’s not as difficult as you’d think to create a daily routine of content creation.

But doing so will add tremendous benefits to your business model.

I’m teaching exactly how this is done along with the 5 Pillars of the PoshGirlsClub Success Framework.

It’s a high touch program for current or aspiring female entrepreneurs who are ready to implement these systems into their business and scale!

What will we do?

Week 1 – 5 will include weekly meetings and content specifically on Branding, Content, Monetizing, Growth, & Influence.

First, each participant receives the new PGC Journal

Next, you’ll get my exact strategies on how I create success with all 5 pillars.

Then, in weeks 5-10, I will help you create these strategies for your own business. So first you learn how each one works in detail, then I help you put the strategies into your business.

Finally, in the last 2 weeks, I will help you set up your business to scale with the systems you need.

We’ll create a complete sales funnel to get you started!

Want to work directly with me for 12 weeks to grow your brand?

Apply here!

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