Setting Up Systems In Your Business

How systems work

I have a (Insert your item here) that I want to sell to 1000 people every month.

And I want to do this every month. Not only with the one item, but I want to do this repeatedly every month with the next item…while the other one continues to sell.


It’s nearly physically impossible to get up every day, and market to people every day, with every single product you have.


But it’s not impossible to sell that product to 1000 people every month, and then repeat…IF YOU HAVE SYSTEMS.

I know, because I did it. And I continue to do this daily.

The problem for most is in not knowing how, not knowing that people do this, or not taking the time to set them up…

So you find yourself in the endless circle of trying to sell products.

Then burnout.

Then starting over.

Systems are the beginning & end of your business scaling to new levels. Without them, you continue in the endless circle of sale/burnout.

OR JUST burnout!!

Here’s what systems do…

  1. Systems do your marketing & bring you what every business needs, daily. That is new customers.
  2. Systems in place will allow you to replicate what works and then let that run on it’s own.
  3. Also, they allow you to build relationships & be creative and think about bigger parts of your brand, instead of daily OPPS.


What you’ll need as basic entry points:

  1. Email service
  2. Payment service with the add-on capability
  3. Something VALUABLE to give away.
  4. A place to give that item of value away

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  1. EMAIL:

Your email acts as your sales team. Your sales team shows the product to the customer/ visitor & they tell them all the features and how the product is going to make your life better.

When you walk into an Apple Store, seconds don’t even pass before someone comes up to you and asks you how they can help you.

You don’t have to make contact first.

Once you walk in (opt-in to the email sequence), you instantly get a greeting and you get access to dozens of stations where you can tell the person what you’re wanting to try…or learn or PURCHASE.

And then you can get all the features and hands on, inside look at what that macbook, iMac, iphone, beats headset, tripod, or whatever you came in for, can do for you.


They’re willing to walk you through every single part of understanding how to use that product to the fullest.

Then they GIVE you the Genius Bar.

AGAIN – helping you to use their products BETTER!

You can come into the Apple store at anytime they’re open, and learn how to get the most out of Apple products.

That is what your email sequences are for.

2. The Upsell.

Now, have you left APPLE, or ANY store without them trying to sell you something more? They’ve asked you all these questions about what you need and want your computer or other item for. So now they know a ton of information about you. The whole time, they’ve been mentally putting together a picture of you – sizing you up from your clothes, the way you speak – the bags and shoes you’re carrying. Your BEHAVIORS! They’re sizing you up, in all their friendliness…


Which is what you’re doing inside of your emails.

You are watching those behaviors to see where your customer goes, what they’re subscribing to, who leaves on certain emails…is it your tone, was it something you said?

Did you send one email out to an entire list when it should have just been a segmented audience?

Same thing…

Now, that Apple store rep knows what they can/can’t get you to buy. They know what upsell to offer you to drive up their sale.

They know your behaviors because they’ve seen it & sold it to a hundred people that week who had the same behaviors.

But they aren’t letting you leave without going for the BIGGER sale.

And neither should you.

3. Something Valuable to give away.

I touched on this with Apple.

Genius Bar.

They have open computers & devices there for you to try out & sample.

I say this repeatedly: No such thing as too much info!


  1. If you have endless value, you shouldn’t worry about who takes it & runs with it.
  2. There are hundreds of thousands of others who STILL need you to SHOW them!
  3. Apple isn’t worried about who comes in and gets all the info on their devices, even if it was other developers.

Why? BC it’s Apple and their developers are CURRENTLY working on a million other ideas light years ahead of what they have for us in the store today.


And the more they talk about their capabilities…

The more they show us how to use them in our daily lives, the more we want in!

The more your audience sees you…the more they hear from you & what you have to offer and how your product benefits and transforms them…the MORE they want you!!!

The more they look for you.

The more you position yourself as the GO TO for what you sell.

The MORE they need you!!!

So by all means – GIVE VALUEEE!!!

This can be:

  1. A lead magnet like a lookbook or how to video. A guide or workbook that helps them deal with the specific issue that they (came into the store for). Apple gives them the Genius BAr. What can you deliver, right away that helps the customer use your product better?

4. You need a place to give them that value.

APPLE offers their store. But they also have online tutorials & communities.

Before people do business with you, they will usually do their research. When they look at the whole story of you, what will they understand?

CONTENT is the win here. So give them a place to Come Into your business.


  1. Consistent blogging
  2. Guest blogging
  3. Podcasts
  4. Videos on YouTube
  5. IGTV
  6. IGTV stories


So that picture looks like this:

Your visitor walks up to your virtual store from hearing about you through a friend (Pinterest). They learn a bit about your store from your (about me) or the article on your Blog. They sign up from the opt-in on your blog and they continue to get information from you that helps them know more about who you are.

Through these emails (system) , YOU are able to see what is of interest to them, and what they opt-out of. Because your system has tags and workers inside of it that talk to these visitors and through clicks or tags, you receive their answers.

You can now make more or less or offer more or less to this user automatically sending them to different parts of the business based on characteristics of the individual, and collectively answering their NWD’s/

Now, you’ve tested this system. Now, you’re going to send this system out to work for you as your sales team. You’ll run an ad to this system, or sales funnel, and everyday, new customers come into it…while you go and help a different customer.

One who perhaps came into the store for a new keyboard instead of the computer. And just maybe, if you understand this customer and how they move…you can sell them a whole new computer!

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Email, build the connection with the audience that needs you. Not just bombard them with sales every day or week. But VALUE on your industry. Constantly sending them to other parts of your business…

Sales Platform that helps you upsell customers to turn a $50 purchase into a $500 purchase.

VALUE and Positioning;

Create so much content that no matter what they’re looking for that falls under the umbrella of what you teach or sell, they can find content on it from you, even if there are other sources.

YOU are the one that matters!

Be sure to join the 5 day training on systems: I’m giving you the exact ones that we have set up in our business and showing you how to set them up. Register Below!


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