For the Uninspired and Exhausted Entrepreneur

I was asked recently, what I do when I’m feeling uninspired or just drained from the monotony of everyday work flow.

It’s a great question; one I’m quite familiar with from past patterns that no longer suit my lifestyle.

There was a point in my life where I was in this hustle and rush to build my company.

In 2015, I wrote my first ebook, and then sat on it because others around me were doing what people do; questioning why anyone would want to learn anything from me. I mean, who was I?

Really, I was the girl who made & sold bling, so that I could stay at home with my first born son.

That’s what they said, and that’s what I saw.

Two years went by, and I’d written a second book, because that feeling was still lingering; maybe I had a purpose bigger than just selling a thousand cases per month. That’s a big deal after all, for a girl who married too soon, and started a company just to be at home with her ( now two) sons. Sitting on a six figure business from the comfort of my home was no small feat, and something I should have been hella proud of!

There was something more brewing inside of me…

I had something to share, and information to teach.

So I went into overdrive, to make up for the “lost time”, those two years that I’d sat idle. That drained me, often left me feeling uninspired, and over-worked. Almost like being a slave to my new hustle…

But what I realize now looking back, is that I hadn’t wasted any time. I didn’t “miss out” on anything. I began exactly when I was supposed to.

I met the tribe I have, at this specific place in time, for a reason.

Nothing is accidental.

And so Iwhen you feel like you’ve been pouring more of yourself out than you’re replenishing…STOP.

See, you were born into this world because you have a powerful purpose.

You are meant to be ever reaching & expansive.

You are destined to be a force and an inspiration.

The laws of the universe work WITH you to whatever you direct your energy, attention and intention towards.

You are allowed to delegate, to ask for help when you need it, and to take the breaks necessary to continue moving forward in a healthy and intentional path.

So, what can you do when you’re feeling uninspired and burnout?

1. Stop the social media routine.

When I feel the most tired, it’s from the routine I have daily for social media. So I simply reduce the videos in my stories, chill on the graphics I’m putting together for a few days, and take a break. You can even resend old story graphics/ videos if they are relevant. But by all means, give yourself a break! Schedule your posts and give yourself a few days of just saying no to the hustle.

2. Netflix (or Firestick) and Binge.

I have times where I literally go in days & night on a binge. That may be SATC or GOT from the beginning, or my fav, Spartacus series…I just go into my world of Andy Whitfield (RIP!) and leave the outside world completely behind! And you know what happens…INSPIRATION hits! I believe this is from releasing the mental pressure of succeeding and just being in a state of success is the reason. Allowing myself to see this as a journey that I revel in daily instead of a race I’m running that ultimately has no finish line. We are always in pursuit of…instead of living in gratitude of where we are .

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3. Journal, Write, Dream (JWD)

Finally, I use my downtime not as complete empty, void space. Yet, instead, a time to reflect on what I actually want. Sometimes, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the social media world, looking at the success of others. Wishing we had it all perfectly together. Wanting to have what someone else has is never going to happen for any of us. Social media gives a full highlight real of what others are doing, and have done. But it doesn’t account for the story. It doesn’t show what it took, what they sacrificed and who they left behind. It doesn’t talk about the pain of loss or felt from shedding layers.

You don’t get the full, whole story.

So when you’re in the midst of the storm, the valley…you feel low and lost.

When everyone has their share of peaks and valleys too, but we’re only getting the view from the top of the mountain they broke a million nails and shed layers of skin trying to climb.

Journaling is a huge help here. I write a lot. Like, all the time. I brainstorm ideas and constantly look at what I want for my life. For my boys & L. Boogie.

And then I map out what I know and what I’m passionate about – so that my eyes are ever fixed on my plan, not someone else’s.

So focus your attention on going BIG. Focus on your dreams and desires. Not HAVING to do something… do you WANT to do! By all means, schedule in a JWD Day often!

When you set your sights on YOUR dreams & goals, you put your energy behind it, and you set the intention upon it; that you will fulfill your purpose and only seek what’s intended for you.

That is where you will feel the most rested, secure, and passionate about your path. That’s when you will know that you are in fact, exactly where you need to be.

I help people every single day build their businesses in a way that doesn’t leave them feeling worn out and exhausted from execution. We use very specific Pillars and stages each week to move closer to their ultimate goals. If you’re struggling or frustrated from the Execution, and you’re ready to join me in a special 12 week high touch coaching course, you can apply to work with me here.

How do you get centered and focused and avoid burnout? Do you have a specific routine or regimen for yourself? Share with us & our community! We’d love to hear from you…

XO, Tori


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