When there are so many options…

Do you ever feel like you’re just drowning in a sea of so many options?

Listen…you’re a f@cking mermaid, you’ve got this!

You have more articles than you could even begin to count on for Mindset, Law of Attraction, and Inspiration..

You follow so many coaches & influencers on Instagram, but can’t seem to figure out where you fit in the best…?

But beyond that…

You feel paralyzed from being called out as a fraud or don’t believe you have everything you need inside of you to offer your own services to the world?

Fear that maybe someone will sign up for your coaching program, and then you’ll have no idea on what you do next?

Or even worse, that they won’t think your program is good enough…

It is time to stop this endless cycle of doubt right now; it ends here.

Now is the time for you to share what you have, your gifts, with the world.

You have a calling and a purpose to fulfill, and you’re not going to do it by drowning yourself in this unhealthy, UNTRUE, negative self talk.

Getting the right customers into your business is a key component of fulfilling your purpose.

It’s not about having hundreds of clients and how much money you make. The focus is on the lives you impact; the rest takes care of itself.

I think of some of the people I love and am most inspired by…what if Gary Vaynerchuck never started talking wine on his social media platforms over a decade ago?

We wouldn’t know the Gary Vee that he is today and he is my kind of motivation! I need people to look up to who demand from me the best of myself. Not coddle me and tell me it’ll be okay.

I need those who’ll give me a different way of looking at life, and challenge me to level all the way up or get left behind.

What about Auntie Oprah? What if she’d gone to ignore her passion and laid down to be another watered down, cookie cutter version of what a tv host or anchor should look like?

You wouldn’t be inspired, I wouldn’t be inspired, no one anywhere would be so inspired! (Real O fans got that, lol)

Now, it’s your time. It’s time for you to step up to the plate and swing for the fences (I’m a baseball Mami, can’t get enough baseballisms)…

Who’s to say that your future is not going to be every bit as bright, or even brighter?

And I would love nothing more than to help lead & guide you into that bright, glowing, hot like fire future that you’re destined for.

To help transform you from the person who’s passionate, but unsure & perhaps even fearful…into the one who’s ready to walk into their purpose with knowledge, assurance, and support that you have got this.

And more than that…this is exactly what you were born to do.

Step up to the challenge.

You can do this.

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