How To Live With As Few Regrets As Possible

Just a few years ago, I was totally on the fence with regard to making power moves with my business.

Here was the thing: I had a MAJOR vision about creating a platform that would Inspire, Empower, and Support female entrepreneurs.

I wanted to show them that it doesn’t matter what you’ve been through; success is possible for them, too. I wanted them to tap into the internal power that we all have inside of us. And to share my own stories of how I overcame hardships to make what seemed impossible happen.

There was just one problem…

I was mortified.

Afraid that people would judge me.

I was so nervous that the people who knew me would be like, “Why is Tori out here on YouTube making videos and telling her whole life?”

I was afraid that those ex family members (in-laws) would laugh and judge me for sharing my story, and that my ex would also stalk me and use things against me…

But the reality is…I had a choice.

The choice was to continue on in my safe zone, as I had before…knowing the end result I could expect from that. I could continue to hope & dream about making a difference, sharing what I knew with the world & women who wanted change…

All while I watched the people around me make choices unapologetically.

They didn’t care what I thought. He certainly did what he wanted. So why should I sit on the sidelines and play it small for fear of judgement – especially from them!

I thought about what the next decade of my life could look like…

I thought, I’m getting older…do I want to have missed opportunities?


One thing I was always told is that you should go through life with as few regrets as possible.

That meant to me that if I didn’t try or pursue and take chances…then I was setting myself up for a life that was lackluster + mediocre.

No one plans to have a basic, unfulfilled life.

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That is something that happens day by day, one decision at a time.

No one thinks they’ll wake up one day hating what they do and where they are – or aren’t.

They don’t think for a second that the time will just fly by and before you know it, 20, 30, 40 years have passed.

That is not an actual goal.

But that is precisely what happens when you choose nothing instead of something every day.

When you choose someone else’s schedule…

When you choose someone else’s dream.

When you say no to your passion and push the desire + excitement deep down inside of you every day.

That is what will happen.

Each time you say no to the thing that can help you elevate your life, success, business, or influence…you say no to the you that you were destined to be.

You choose regret and missed opportunity. You choose mediocre.

You choose the road most traveled…

The PoshGirlsClub Dream Client Program was designed to help you choose + live the life you Always imagined! To walk right into your passion + get the exact tools you need to make them REAL + TANGIBLE.

You spend so much time in your life encouraging, supporting + uplifting others…don’t you think it’s about damn time you get some of this back? Don’t you owe this to YOU?

At some point, I realized that I did.

I enrolled back into school.

Here I was, in business for 15 years, successfully.

But I understood that elevating myself and my credentials, and the information that I knew would only make me an even more unstoppable force.

I looked for resources from those who’d done more of what I wanted to do, to show me exactly how to transfer from one field to the next.

It wasn’t easy to trust that they could help me get there.

But I chose those who had done exactly what I wanted to do. And since they’d done it for themselves, I knew that they could lead me to the next level of my brand.

I’ve been there.

I know how you feel.

But imagine if I’d just stopped at that 15 years…would there even be a PoshGirlsClub two years later, now with an online community of nearly one MILLION people?

Ultimately, taking that giant leap forward has led me to a life of freedom, fulfillment, and purpose – because money is not enough.

It certainly helps, but what fulfills me is so much more than that.

But a funny thing happens…the fulfillment has led to more money that even I imagined possible.

More freedom, more choice + more HAPPINESS.

Because I get to help others fulfill their purpose and live more freely, too.

And I want that for you.

You’re ready to build your business…

And I have the tools + resources that can help you get there.

Apply here to schedule your discovery call with me + let’s see how working together can create more freedom in your life.

XO, Tori

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