How to start an E-commerce business

None of this was by accident.

You know what one of the biggest misconceptions is about being successful in business is…?

There are just so many people who think that it’s just a few months of putting in work, a few graphics here and there, and BOOM!

Internet Celebrity!


Forbes List!

I hear a lot of talk about dreams, goals, desires, and hustle.

All good.

But here’s where the disconnect comes; in understanding that this is not about hustling to the finish line…because there is no finish line!

It’s also not a race, because again – there’s no finish line!

It’s a steady, constant path to the small wins.

These happen daily, and are often the combination of things you do adding up (those graphics, posting, content that you’re building)…

Then, those small wins become bigger and bigger, until finally, one day – you see that $647,293.11 sitting in a savings account with your name on it.

And you may have $47,332.54 in your checking on a monthly average.

But with that, there’s about $19,455.27 that comes out of that each month for you to run your business.

And if that $47,334.54 doesn’t continue to grow each month

Then you have to begin pulling from the $647,293.11.

So you don’t stop.

You don’t get comfortable.

You don’t give up.

Feel me?

On today’s podcast, I talked more in depth about this, in the POSHGIRLS Success Framework, Pillar 1; Brand Building.

“How to start an commerce business”

My Accelerators are getting the actual written blueprint to my framework next week, exactly the way I first mapped it out a year ago.

From there, I’ll be walking them through each step of building their own.

Because none of what I’ve built in the past 2 years has been by accident!

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In two years;

I’ve built an engaged + active real following of almost 1 Million strong on Instagram alone.

Some have been with me from just about the beginning, and have witnessed this growth- and it has been hella trial + error!

That’s how I’ve been able to (in year two) completely map out exactly the path of least resistance + error – FOR YOU!

“How to start an commerce business”

Because in that time…

I generated sales of my first 6 figures in this company ($347k) in the first 10 months.

But even in doing that, I had some sloppiness that I tweaked to scale in year two.

Have reached some of the biggest people + brands just in reach and recognition, and for TREMENDOUS EXPOSURE!

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In my very first business, I generated $119k in the first year.

And now I’m working to scale this business into MULTI-millions.

I say this, only to tell you that it’s possible for you, too.

The thing is, I understood very early on, that there are specific steps that I need to take.

I need to consistently work on those different pillars of my business, ongoing.

Even now, I always work with those who’ve done what I want to do.

I set aside a budget that allows me to scale this company at every level.

Because I know that it’s a legacy I’m creating.

And ThePoshGirlsClub will be something that outlasts me for a long time to come if I continue to do this right.

What are you building?

Something that’s temporary or long-term and worth your legacy?

So here’s where we are right now.

I’ve put together a new section on the PGC site for anyone who needs strategies at various places in their business, but don’t see the value in the ongoing community (you will eventually, though, lol). You can now access full Business Bundles there.

And if you’d like to get first access to my intro prices for live trainings + bundles, be sure you’re on my Biz Besties text club, because I’ll be sending the offers there FIRST – as well as when I get new openings for one on one coaching with me.

Text POSH to 77948 for updates. There’s no cost to be in the Club, and I don’t send tons of annoying messages, lol.

Only what’s necessary to help you grow…

And if you want to work with me more hands on NOW to build your business, you can apply here.

I have high touch coaching openings available as clients go through the program.

Let’s get to work building something that will outlast you, too.

XO + Keep Hustling, Tori

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