13 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Spartacus Blood & Sand

I’ve been obsessed with Spartacus for many years now.

I’m one of those Original fans, who had to wait for the next episode to come on during the series, like before they made it to Netflix.

I wrote the first version of this back in August of 2016.

I was just getting into teaching what I know, and because I watched the series so much — I thought of a few interesting correlations between Spartacus Blood + Sand & Entrepreneurship.

The best part; it’s all still relevant!

Here are the 13 lessons every entrepreneur can learn from Spartacus Blood + Sand

  1. Red Serpent.

Sacrifice and loss can lead you to a greater path. It’s interesting how so many people view hard work, sacrifice, and loss because it feels so painful in the moment. I mean, it is painful in the moment. These are often opportunities, and how I prefer to view things, that give us the chance to see and experience growth + opportunity.

Hard work is the gift for the serious entrepreneur.

It involves discipline and working up to the reward that otherwise isn’t even appreciated or valued without that effort.

Sacrifice is the key to understanding what you actually need vs. what you want temporarily, or think you need. When you lack resources, you’d be surprised what you can come up with when you want it badly enough; or do you want it bad enough?

Because if you can get creative with problem-solving, and finding solutions out of nowhere, especially in times when it seems there are none available; then you’ve already won.

What you consider loss may actually be that attention grabber, or that nudge from the Universe telling you that this isn’t the right direction after all.

You have the power, so learn from your choices. It’s up to you to choose whether you will fall to your knees and give into what feels like the impossible, or rise to meet your destiny.

2. Sacramentum Gladitorium.

Use what’s available to you to succeed.

Listen, most don’t begin in with the resources they most want at the top.

You’ll need to begin where you are, take what shots have come your way, and start to get creative about how to work with the scraps you’ve been given.

I don’t want to spend days putting a lead page together, just to learn that no one is really all that interested in it. And yet, I know it’s necessary to present myself in the best light and as the most professional, always.

Sh*t is not going to go the way you expect it; ever!

But just know this: Every step up is a step forward. Get in there, get dirty, and make it work.

3. Legends.

You see your idols, other influencers or businesspeople, and you wonder “why not me?” or “when is my time?”.

You want to become the next legend.

Just imagine…if you jumped out into entrepreneurship half prepared, and tons of attention and success came your way…

You’ve not failed at all in private.

And now here you are, out front and center for everyone to see those broken cracks or holes in your execution. The greats are there because they’ve fallen a million times. They’ve experienced the most embarrassing situations — in private. And through sheer practice + execution, they’ve grown.

So will you. Don’t rush the process!

Legendary greatness takes work, time, and patience.

4. The Thing In The Pit.

Sometimes bad choices will lead you to face really tough consequences.

If that ain’t the truth, I don’t know what is!

In most every case in your life where you made what you feel was a bad choice, you can look back and think how one different move could have made the difference.

How just thinking for an extra second, and not acting out of emotion could have led to a better result. Surely, you set out with all the best intentions, but taking shortcuts to get you to one place don’t pan out quite as you’d hoped.

It’s ok. Dig in, fight harder, and work your way out of the pit back into the light. You’ve got this.

5. Shadow Games.

Collaboration over Competition!

There may be times that working with a colleague may be more beneficial than going it alone. For 15 years I worked at home without support; there were no online communities like @ThePoshGirlsClub when I started my first company back in 2002.

That’s exactly why I started this community!

Because I know that we are indeed, #strongertogether, and there’s something very empowering about knowing you have a community there having your back, supporting you, and holding you accountable. You know you have the traits of an entrepreneur and you can stand alone.

But can you be a team player?

Can you be humble enough to know that your perspective may not be the only or even best way to get things done?

Can you be a resource and support system for someone else?

6. Delicate Things.

L. Boogie always said growing up…

That’s my Mommie btw…she always said that no matter if you’re receiving a compliment, or being berated, consider the source and the motive. Be careful who you lend your trust to, and who’s thoughts you let penetrate. And always consider the source. Enough said.

7. Great and Unfortunate Things.

Never forget who you are or what you stand for.

The things that hurt the most can sometimes be those that are the most character building. It would be easy to allow the things that are happening to take you away from or make you turn your back on your life goals, ideals and values.

Never let the pretty little guise of temporary reward, or the painful moment of something that you feel you can’t repair (that’s a lie, everything is temporary) make you become someone you don’t recognize.

Or worse, someone you don’t respect.

And remember this: It’s easier to respect someone you disagree with but know where they stand, than it is to have someone agree with you, and know they’re untrustworthy.

8.Mark of the Brotherhood.

Always remember that there’s no end to being successful. You don’t “make it” and then stop.

This is a journey, not a mission!

If you’re to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to contine to level up at every phase. Learn, practice, and implement new strategies + systems.

There’s always someone who wants to take your place! To be better, smarter, better looking, richer, or more popular than you. Stay on your toes.

9. Whore.

One moment can change everything.

You can have a winning track record, and one bad decision can raise the stakes on everything you’ve worked for.

Be smart. Remember; the risk should equal the reward.

10. Party Favors.

Be careful of who you allow to represent you + your brand. They may make choices that you are left cleaning up for a long time to come. And it’s not always that you can’t repair the damage. It’s just, why create more work for yourself?

Why backtrack?

Wasted time equals lack of productivity.

11. Old Wounds.

Look for deeper meanings in things.

This is an important life lesson, too. I believe wholeheartedly, that there are signs everywhere.

Those signs are put there to grab our attention!

We don’t have to ask for signs. Communication is all around us all the time, we just need to pay attention! That’s the hard part: We need to pay attention. It’s a very distracting world we live in now. It’s very easy to tune out Spirit’s guidance when we’re plugged into the noise, and miss the signs”, (Michelle, 2016).

These signs are put there to help you see opportunity, take chances, and even become more aware!

Pay attention to the signs that the Universe is sending you, and act accordingly!

12. Revelations.

Fall down 9 times. Get up 10. It’s that simple.

Persevere in pursuit of your dreams.

13. Kill Them All.

Plan. Prepare. Execute.

Each one of us has the ability to change our circumstances.

Life isn’t easy for anyone, and there are times where you may feel hopeless and so down on yourself, like there’s just no point.

Or overworked and underpaid, perhaps stretched too thin and exhausted from the work you’re putting in.

In these times, rest and review.

Arm yourself with knowledge + follow up with execution.

Plan your greatest attack yet.

Plot out that list of goals.

And slay them all.

Keep Hustling, Tori

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Originally published at www.poshgirlsclub.com.

Krista Michelle website: https://www.krista-mitchell.com/blog/messagesfromtheuniverse

Spartacus is an original Starz series: https://www.starz.com/series/spartacus/episodes

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