✍️Instagram growth hacks inside…

So that was clickbait, lol, this is not about quick, BS strategies that will leave you feeling frustrated + get you left behind.

I’m going to tell you why you’re not growing on Instagram…

You’re stuck in a rut.

Let’s talk about why…

🔑1) Your profile is a hot mess (I love you, but seriously…)

You just started a new business where you do lash extensions. Each time you get a potential client coming in and they ask you to show them some previous work. You gladly pull out your portfolio of all the work you have done. You open it up, and the client examines. You show them your look book of ladies laying on tables, photo after photo, with their eyes taped down and you applying the lashes. She sees picture after picture of this. She sees the before pictures.

Confused, and not seeing the value of your service, she walks out.

You are utterly confused.

Here’s the thing; you wouldn’t present before pictures to a client. You would present the finished job. Most of your Instagram pages that aren’t growing are the before pictures. Crap profile pic, crap bio, crap pinned stories or none at all, crap content….

People are looking for the finished product. Not the prototype. Finish the lashes, show the client enjoying them on your Instagram before expecting anything. That is what people are searching for.

🔑2) You don’t stand out, or you’re clout chasing.

– Uses Pics with Rovers, Pics with watches, pics on a yachts.
– Loads up fake followers.
– Buys fake likes for all content.
– * Wonders what they did wrong *

Why? Stop and ask yourself why… 🤔

If your one mission on Instagram is to get content that makes the average person envious of you, nothing much will happen. Unless you’re Kim Kardashian or one of her sisters…seriously.

If that is all you want out of Insta, then go ahead and do it. Yeah, you will look dope in front of your friends, but don’t expect to make an income from your page.

Don’t expect brand deals.

Don’t expect anything other than people hating on you.

You’re now just like every other “Entrepreneur” out there who watched some Gary Vee videos and bought a quick Insta Course. #Gurubye

If you do have crazy dope content that could make people envious, this is fine, but ONLY if 👇

3. You’re offering an even exchange.

Having dope content is fine. If I find myself in the front seat of a Ferrari 458, you’d better be damn sure I’m taking 10 pics, a video, and a snapchat 😂…(and I have a Range).

But if your entire feed is like I stated above, a constant brag with no value…. No one is really going to follow you, unless your content is ah-mazing.

And you in a lambo isn’t amazing content, it won’t go viral. It’s vanity…
The only way this works with any page really, is if you’re giving something back;

Education, information, or entertainment

Without that…people have no reason to follow.

🔑 4) Following the wrong strategy.

For some reason, everyone tries to go viral…

Here is something that will change your life;


Nobody wants to hear that for some reason.

On a personal brand, running viral strategies helps. It helps with engagement, it helps with hashtag ranking, it helps for some of explore page reach…

IT HELPS. It is NOT the end all be all. You just need to reach + engage with the right audience, not grow millions of followers!

Start using the correct strategy for your page!

Don’t know the correct strategy for your page?

I’ll talk more about that in a bit…

🔑5. You lack what most people lack.

Have you ever really not felt like doing something? I mean REALLY not feel up to it? 😞

Do it anyway, and do it now.

Why haven’t you optimized your profile yet?

Why haven’t you made your pinned story highlights?

Why haven’t you updated anything that could be better?

Not wanting to do something doesn’t mean you don’t do it.
This is a lack of what most lack…

That’s Discipline

Do the thing you have been putting off, and do it now.

If it has already been days that you have put something off, I’m willing to bet money 💸💰 you’re going to let those days turn into a week, if not more.

There are 5 common 🔑’s as to why you can’t unlock the door to your Instagram growth.

Imagine if you made a valuable post like this for YOUR Instagram followers, instead of searching YouTube + Google for “Quick Instagram Growth Hacks”?

Most definitely, that would make your followers like you, and then engage on your content, MUCH more than a quick hack ever could.

🔑If you suffer from one of these, it’s okay.

Perhaps, like I said before, you don’t know what strategy to use for your account.

Maybe you don’t even know what strategy is best at all, or how to implement it.

If you are banging your head against the walls with no luck, join me in Instagram For Business

This is not for the person looking for 5 hacks in 3 minutes to instant success.

Because it doesn’t exist
And anyone who tells you that it does, is selling you a dream.

I have strategies + real tactics that will work for your business.
For every business.
But you’ve gotta show up + commit to yourself + you will see the results. #FACTS

Want In?

Join Here.

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