Memorable Brands Are Built By Dreamers

Stop for a moment and think about all of the brands you interact with on a daily basis.

Chances are, in this day + age, you have a cell phone.

Open up that phone – perhaps it’s an iPhone from Apple…

So let’s say it’s early morning…you open it up, I’m willing to bet that you’ll see Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and perhaps even Snapchat.

You might go into your Gmail and find at least 20 new emails from some of your favorite stores or boutiques.

In those couple of minutes you’ve been awake, you’ve seen close to 20 brands.

And that’s all in the timeframe before you even leave the house.

So which brands break through the noise?

Who has the most impact…?

Which brands become the most discernible?

When thinking about brands that are, you have to understand the term.  The term discernible refers to brands that are most able to be seen or understood; they’re perceptible.

They’re the brands that are memorable + stand out.

The ones that stay with you, and make you feel something when you see their logo on your shoes.

Or you’re walking around with their initials on your handbag.

Common characteristics of memorable brands

It’s not easy to stand out.

But I believe that no matter the industry, size, or scale of the business, discernible brands do share a few common characteristics.

Clear, Concise, and to the Point

For starters, discernible brands have a very distinct + clear clear message. You know what they do. You can describe what they do. And in the cases of those who do it best, you can even express why they do it—all within two sentences or less.

It’s not uncommon for brands to try packing a ton of “differentiators” into their brand mission statements and promises.

But brands that are everything to everybody will never—I repeat, never—be discernible.

They might reach a level of success. And they might even be well-known within their industry.

But they won’t give you that …feeling.

Nike is a great example of a brand that effectively communicates who they are in three simple words: Just Do It. The slogan, which is nearing 30 years old, has managed to deliver that feeling and intention of their brand so clearly.

They’re Willing to Stand Out

Standing out isn’t just about doing something crazy. Or using bright colors.

It’s about how brands bring their true, authentic selves to life.

It’s about standing up for whatever they truly believe in, regardless of what popular opinion says.

Their Actions Match Their Mission

Discernible brands—especially those targeted towards millennials—walk the walk.

They don’t just say they care about social causes, the environment, or a healthy lifestyle; they actually take action to back up what they talk.

People begin to associate the brand with their own ideals, creating a strong brand affinity + loyalty.

It’s not only powerful, but it resonates.

One of the absolute best example of a brand that’s merged social consciousness within their business model is the shoe company, Toms. The company’s pair for a pair model donates a pair of shoes to a person in need for every shoe purchased. Their overall purpose for why the brand exists is to help those in need; essentially creating shoes so they can give them away.

They Tell Bold Stories

How do you connect with other humans? Tell bold stories (this science backs storytelling also).

The very best stories not only break through the noise and capture the attention of your audience…they also serve to create an emotional bond.

Every employee, brand, and organization has a bold story to tell—you just have to find it.

They’re Led by Dreamers

Finally, a brand cannot achieve more than the vision of its leader. Breaking away from the giant pack of brands in the world takes precision + tactical strategy. When you think of Apple, it’s impossible not to think about Steve Jobs. This is the type of visionary that isn’t surprised when they reach the gold standard and unparalleled success. They had that vision the entire time.

Instagram For Business is opening…and I’m teaching you exactly how you can take your clear, concise ideas and match your action to your vision. Then, tell bold stories that attract your ideal dream customer, to help you build your empire.

There’s a dreamer inside of you, and I’m helping other women just like you reach them everyday.

Join Us?

XO, Tori

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