Kanye Runs Kim’s Instagram Page.

So I already know…

You have to be thinking the same thing I was when I first realized this, so go with me here. As a Business Coach who specifically works with ecommerce startups using Instagram as a marketing platform, this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever broken down.

Everyday, people are using Instagram for more than just a place to post photos of what’s happening in their daily lives.

Many, in fact, are taking it + creating Lifestyle Brands (the Kardashians — just pick one😆)…

Beauty Businesses (HudaBeauty), to become powerhouse clothing brands (Fashion Nova) all from simply creating a place where people want to come and get involved in what they have to offer.
Legit, daily.

✅ They WANT to interact.

✅ They WANT to check in daily to see what’s been posted.

✅ They NEED to be a part of what those brands do and have whatever they put out for sale..and there’s an intentional, tactical reason behind all of that.


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These brands have essentially found strategies that work specifically for each of them that make people come back every single day to check for them.


It’s Strategic + Intentional.

Recently, I heard Kim Kardashian on an episode of their show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, say that Kanye actually gets upset about the order of things she will post on her timeline.

My first thought was, “how ridiculous, Kanye” 🙄…(judging much, lol)

But then, just as quickly, the business person in me quickly switched to — “F*cking Ye is creating a strategic timeline even for Kim Kardashian!”

She’s an Iconic celebrity, and they still get that there’s still strategy necessary — even for Kim — because they’ve had their entire audience in an ongoing sales funnel for the last DECADE!

Let that sink all the way in.

Just f*cking brilliant!

This gets me really excited…

Think about Kim’s story…

She was once Paris Hilton’s sidekick; no story, no interest, no value.


She made the infamous tape ➡️ Lead Magnet

She began showing up on the scene everywhere + got her own tv show ➡️Email Sequence

Then came the store, DASH ➡️Product Offer

Then, she introduced Kimoji’s + her APP and developed her own line of Makeup ➡️ Upsell

Passive income is what we can continue to expect, from every new generation watching those reruns…and it’ll show up in multiple revenue streams ➡️ That is: The APP, makeup, stores, etc, which will continue to sell as long as they have episodes on repeat on E!

And her additional revenue streams➡️ Appearances, Events, Collaborations + Brand Partnerships

And all of this centers around a television show; but more specifically, around their social media.

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Because that is where fans go for daily interaction + updates.

So the Instagram feed, more than Snapchat; because that goes away after 24 hours…the Instagram feed becomes the brand presence for Kim; and each one of the Kardashians, in fact.

✅Not the tv show

✅Not the website

✅Not the press

And Kanye, in all his artistic specificity…gets it.


Because the truth is, you don’t have to be a Kardashian to have Instagram business success.✍🏽

You simply need to understand exactly what’s happening behind the scenes.

You have to understand that social media, Instagram specifically, creates a very specific and unique opportunity for businesses.

More and more, I see major celebrities on these platforms, creating new streams of income. Seriously, J.Lo just started her own personal YouTube channel…because even they recognize that the HudaBeauty’s + FashionNova’s have essentially created multi-million dollar brands…all without the celebrity using social media.

 So imagine what their existing celebrity can do for them…without any middle parties involved.

The Influential brands I mentioned before have used the platforms to show their brand identity, connect to their target audience, deliver consistent value through their content, connect + interact, engage, show lifestyle, and monetize the sh*t out of social media platforms!

Geek mode activated; I’m breaking this down more in my free live training on how to create Influence + Income using Instagram as your primary platform.

I’m showing you how to hack Instagram just like the Kardashians — and everyone else who’s successfully doing this in their businesses have done (including me).

See you in there?

XO, Tori

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