Don’t you deserve some magic? How to build an commerce business


One day…you stop to think about how you’ve gained so much experience and knowledge living in your passion for over a decade.

You’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly over that time; something no other single person in your family has done so far.

In fact, you find yourself entering the 7 figure earner realm.

It’s truly beyond your wildest dreams.

You’d wished + hoped for this.

But you weren’t even sure it could ever happen for you.

You’ve even reached a level of notoriety + influence, having met some of the most famous people…well, ever.

And beyond that, they’ve actually sought you out to hire you.

Or partner with you.

It’s almost unreal, to answer the phone; and there’s one of the biggest stars of all time speaking to you.

Calling for you.

Or find yourself on site, in a penthouse suite at The Standard Downtown L.A., where you have a chance meeting with one of the would-be (in just a few months) biggest Celebrity names of all time.

@Khloe Kardashian Instagram Stories

She would walk in with her bestie Malika, and snap a photo that would forever be the official launch of your brand and the moment you’d finally made it.

She’d later call you to create a one of a kind phone that would set your career — and that photo from that chance encounter, on fire; she’s Khloe Kardashian.

Or you get the call that the GRAMMY AWARDS specifically wants you backstage for the upcoming official on-site celebrity suite.

Bonus: you get a hug from the ever so adorable + humble Enrique Iglesias, JR😍. You’re the only one who does…

One of your fellow attendees loves you + your product so much, that they recommend you (unknowingly) to the Diane Von Furstenberg Fashion House. You see, they’re supplying the glasses for her new product launch.

And Diane needs a company to supply the Bling demos for some special guests (including Naomi Campbell + Kate Moss).

Because of this, Heidi Klum + her team over at Project Runway get wind of your brand…

Now she wants your company to design 500 pieces of engraved #makeitwork scissors for the launch party of season 10…

10 years after this chance meeting with Khloe + designing some of her most beautiful blinded out items…she’s still showing me love!!! (Instagram stories just a few days ago)!

And to think…that’s only some of what you’ll do.

You might have to pinch yourself, because it isn’t just a story.

It’s my true life.

Some of the most iconic and game changing moments that have put me on this path.

The path that led to me helping other female entrepreneurs build brands that would bring them the opportunity to not only live in what they are passionate about, too…but do it abundantly.

ThePoshGirlsClub just turned two.

And I’ve grown it to nearly 1 Million followers on Instagram alone.

I’ve helped thousands of women with various resources to grow their businesses exponentially, shortening their learning curve by years.

And I’m really just getting started.

How did I do this?

“The devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder” bag

  1. I identified exactly what worked for me in the 17 years that I’ve been in business. I considered what I’ve learned in this time about building an E-commerce business. Those initial bumps in the road, and how I combed them. The trials + error that come with navigating entrepreneurship; because e-commerce comes with it’s own sets of pitfalls. Try recovering from losing nearly $30k in startup phase to an internet predator + scammer. But I persevered; and now I share those red flags along with other business growth resources with my community. I turned those lessons + guidelines into my specific brand strategy + identity.

  2.  Then, I thought about what made me unique, and stayed laser focused on those differences. Because, over time, people will see what you do, see you’re successful at it, and try to copy your exact business model. While I agree modeling is smart…you don’t need to make a new wheel; I also believe that slaying in your lane is the key to success. Take that wheel and see what was missed, who can’t use that particular one on their vehicle, and shape it in the way you know how to make it run best for that specific user. This becomes your USP; which is expressed through daily content creation + delivery.

  3. Then, take that individual strategy, package it up, + deliver it daily to new audiences to scale. That’s your social media strategy. How can you create the right marketing mix for yourself and for your audience’s consumption…that won’t overly consume you? You’ll need a strategy that you’ve outlined + structured to your business, customers, and daily routine to make sure that you are consistent.

The only difference between me, and someone else who started a two years ago and didn’t reach their goal is that I put in the work.

I never stopped.

Listen, this is not something that’s difficult for anyone to do.

It’s simply about getting the actual resources and truth about how it’s done to grow a massive community + successful business.

I did it in just two years!

And all along the way, I’ve increased my Income + Influence exponentially, in leaps + bounds!

Now, I’m sharing the complete outline with you…

When you bring yourself + your zone of genius, there’s nothing anyone can do to stop you.

You can build communities.

You can change your circumstances and that of those around you.

You can live your passion if you’re willing to do the work.

And I’m sharing the exact steps to do it;you just have to do it!

Here is where the magic happens…

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