Content is the End Game.

Clearly, content is the game changer for your business.

You can use it for many reasons + purposes in your business.

For me, I have so many uses for the content I make daily and it pays me regularly so that I have a constant flow of income once I’ve structured it properly..

I spend so much time making this really valuable information, and so it shows up in so many ways inside the business.

That means, my audience can get access to it in various forms:

✅Instagram Stories
✅Biz Besties Club
✅Facebook Biz Page + stories
✅Private Groups



Get my point?

Literally, the content goes everywhere #repurposewithpurpose

These valuable pieces of content start out on my Instagram fed.

Yep, it begins with the theme for my Instagram that day. Every single post that I put up serves a purpose, and that leads my dream customer directly to me, then into the simplest funnel ever made, like EVER!

I use a posting strategy with each day’s content.

📝2 posts are intended to go viral, and just draw in tons of people (they tend to tag their friends in posts they like, so there’s potential here). I usually split these during the day to drive more engagement in between the others.

📝The third post is for relating + relationship building with that audience, starting to zone in on my dream customer. So it may be a post that asks an open-ended question. Another great option here is to have people respond with something about themselves – this always gets people going! You know, that WIIFM (what’s in it for me) factor kicks in and people just can’t resist!

📝The final post is intended to sell or collect a lead.

Again, I will choose a photo that I know will convert well based on the data from previous posts.

Then I make the caption long form value, usually with an invite into one of my courses or trainings.

I will also sometimes make other offers in those posts as well; ebooks, sales, etc.

The ones that convert the best with the right images + text (Instagram will tell you that it’ s performing better than…whatever percentage…then I know it’s a great photo to use to run an ad or boost the image.

Of course, I make any changes + ad a bit.ly link FIRST, because once it’s boosted, there’s no editing that image again…ever!

Do you have a posting strategy that works for you?
Check in on with your Socialite Society Biz Besties in this post + see how our babes are using Instagram feed to drive interest + sales!

Once you have the content developed, you can essentially reach people daily through your various mediums.

Think about how you take in books vs. podcasts.

When you’re driving, you can listen in and get the complete tone + vibe, the feeling behind what the person delivering the message wanted to share with you.

It’s the same with the places you distribute your content.

You can attract people that otherwise would have missed the message if you hadn’t broken it up for larger consumption.

I’d love to challenge you to create a system for how you develop your posting content.

Strategy is how you create the wins!

And you’ll need a strategy if you want to make ongoing money through an automated system.

And I’d love to show you how!

Join my free training where I’ll explain how to:

  1. Decide what each post will represent (this will help you weed out your ideal customers from your audience overall each day).

  2. Plan out your posts in advance with Plainly or Buffer so that you can schedule the content IN ADVANCE! That’s a key component to your successful strategy. Deciding what to post at the last minute, just for the sake of posting is a losing game. There’s no thought behind what you want to share with the audience + potential customers, and how you make the offers to them.

  3. Take that content + turn it into sales! For ANY business!

See you there, babe?

XO, Tori 💋

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