I recognize your power

There’s something so special about being a woman.

A lot of things, really.

We have such infinite power of presence and resolve.

We are also some of the most sensitive creatures in existence.We can love so fiercely, and turn that ferocity against someone who’s threatening us or those we love + want to protect.

We are kind, open, + accepting.

And we’ll drop your ass on a dime if you hurt us😜.
We are complicated, courageous, and incredible.And as mothers, it’s a complete level up. It’s womanhood elevated!

17 years ago I had my first son, Crissi♥️.

He was and will always be my first real glimpse at what the purest form of love actually looks like.
He’s my first favorite human, and when I laid eyes on him I knew that nothing would ever be the same again.

I wanted to be where he was – always!

Or, for as long as I could, at least.

I can’t believe my baby gradates in less than a year!!!

But it was that decision that shaped the next nearly 2 decades of my life!

The choice to stay at home and raise him; ME, the overly ambitious, over-achieving human that I am!

But that choice led me into the most amazing life ever!

Because of him + my love for him, and wanting to be the one to experience all of his “firsts” as a baby…yet still wanting to pursue my own ambitious goals that I’d set for myself…

I found a way to create my own income…which led me to create an amazing, 6 figure company within my first year of business!

I’ve spent the last nearly 2 decades making insane amounts of money from home – while spending nearly every single day with my 2 favorite people + absolute best friends!

I’ve been able to Homeschool my baby boy, Mr. Man…who legit lights up every single day with his humor and complete hysterics!!

Literally, I have to kick him out of my office 3 times a day at minimum – he is the funniest human alive!

So he’s terrible for my productivity!🤩

I created my first company, PoshLifeBling with no money.

Literally, I sold a product before I had a product in hand, simply by getting super creative with my marketing strategy.

There’s a “brand whisperer” inside of me, that has always been there – giving me the most intricate details + unique ideas on how to build businesses that are successful right from the start.

I repeated that with ThePoshGirlsClub. Within the first 10 months of this company, I also made the first 6 figures attributed to this brand as well.

I followed my passion. I moved with purpose and stayed close to the things that made me feel most alive + intentional.

I’m certain that I wouldn’t have had this opportunity if I hadn’t started my own company. 

And so, today…I celebrate you, in this stage of your life!

And whether you’re a woman preparing for motherhood one day, being a parental figure to someone in your life, a single parent making it happen daily all on your own, the business professional Mami, or that stay at home Mami, taking care of the family…

I wanted to give you something special to help you celebrate you.
To acknowledge all of the complex, amazing parts of you.

This is to help you, wherever you are, so that you can have a CHOICE.

Options gave me freedom – the freedom to decide that I wanted to be at home with my guys, making the best relationship + memories that will last a lifetime.

But not just my lifetime…perhaps they’ll create that with their kids one day + share our stories, which essentially will live on forever.

So share this with your Mom, a friend, or family member who’s in pursuit of their dreams

This special offer will help them jump start their dream, too.

Fe and I decided to offer a new social logo + moodboard for the first 50 people to take this offer (value $297) for just $99.

Get a mood board, which gives you a vision of the possibility + ongoing direction for your brand, as well as a social logo for your social media profiles!

And if you’ve already got your logo + direction, you can use this opportunity to get a 60 minute one on one session for your business where I’ll help you with how to set up your business + which direction to pursue to monetize your business right away!

You get to choose!!!

In celebration of you…I hope that you live the life you always imagined…

XO, Tori💋

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