How to deliver value that drives sales in your business.

The art of creating added value starts with the ability to see your business through the eyes of your customers.

There are many methods of delivering value to your audience.

That is, when someone comes into contact with your business, you give them something in return for their email address.

It’s a common practice for businesses to lead with the offer.

What if, instead, you give the visitor an insight to your business – a way to show that you care about them as a consumer and you want to make certain that they have the best experience ever with you/ your brand.

Never underestimate the value of free resources.

If you’re not making consistent sales in your business, there’s probably a lack of connection between you and your audience. The connection lies in knowing that you understand their need + want and tat’s why free resources become the win for the business. Chances are, you don’t have systems set up in your business that bring new people to you daily. That’s the value that a single free resource can do for your business.

It’s something you create once that pays you over + over.

I talk about this often, and it seems more obvious for service based businesses. Many of the clients who come in with product based businesses think that it’s not possible to do this.

But physical product sellers can also provide valuable resources to their audience to build the relationship. And to help them use your products better.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of how service + product based businesses can do this…

Methods of delivering value:

Value can be delivered in the simplest way. Think about how you can bring the customer into your fold by walking them through the BTS story of what happens when they place an order with you. This doesn’t need to be a long and extensive video. It just creates a connection with the consumer so that they can see exactly what happens when they purchase.

It’s one way of you providing value to that customer so that they know the care that goes behind the product purchase and delivery process. Maybe you use a special packaging…

Maybe you have a special message that goes with each package that you ship that’s a part of the USP of your brand. That is, the unique selling proposition, and you showing that packaging process is one way of doing something different than someone else in your market.

Recently, I had a Vodka company send me some of their bottles to try.

It’s made in America, and from Organic Potatoes, Gluten Free Vodka. But what’s even more special is their packaging – each bottle has a unique, hand painted design featuring a single artist for that series.

And they come packaged in the most beautiful bottles ever, with the most amazing packaging ever.

This should be the focus of their marketing efforts.

In many cases, most brands focus on what makes them the same as others – in a comparison match.

When really, the goal is to focus on what makes you different!

What makes you stand out that you can use as an edge + an advantage…

Creating videos are another great way to deliver value if you sell a product.

For example, I have several clients that make custom wigs and sell them knowing that the hair industry is a really huge market.

There are many businesses dominating in this space.

So you have to get creative when thinking about how to sell in that market to be successful. One way to do this would be to create a care video so that people can see how to actually take care of the product.


🔖Show the person how they would care for it wash it, dry it, style it. So the value here again is that you are showing the customer in advance what they’re getting, essentially.

They can see the care process and what it’s going to take to maintain it and the fact that it is going to last through caring for it in the proper way or extended amounts of time.

That way they are more likely to invest their money for a high ticket sale instead of just assuming how they should care for that product or assuming that the product will last.

Show them that it will – help them use it longer. Perhaps even create some monthly fee/ membership that they can join to have you take care of the units.

It’s another means to create ongoing revenue while building trust with your clients.

🔖Creating a value based business is the key to e-commerce. It’s how you’ll show up for your audience without physically being there with them.

It’s how customers can get to know your brand right away, as soon as they come into contact with you.

And then you can set up the interaction as an ongoing sales funnel to attract more dream customers on automate, over + over!

🔖One of my favorite examples to use is MLM’s like It Works resellers or Health + Fitness Coaches.

You don’t have to brand yourself the way that the organization has branded themselves. You can deliver value through your knowledge + experience.

That may be offering an accompanying product to your merchandise that you sell through the company. So worksheets, eating logs, or daily journals may be a great resource for your customer.

The goal is always to consider how your dream customer can use your product better…

Have some ideas or questions about how you can provide more value for your business?

Drop me a comment below!

XO, Tori 💋

Also! I have a 30 day coaching program where you can work with me to get your business monetizing quickly! Ready to get started?

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