Celebrate your wins; clap for your damn self!

🔖Here’s what I love about celebrating the small wins…

We hear this often “celebrate the small wins”…

But what does that look like + what does it mean?


As you go through each day, you’re probably not thinking about how many wins you’re actually having. But just think…many of you have day/night jobs funding your dream job. You have families or responsibilities outside of your job + hustle…

And you’re still making the time each week to work towards those goals you’ve set for yourself. So, when I think about the things I celebrate, they really are the parts of my day that you may not expect…like:

📌Getting dressed for success each day. I work at home, sure. But listen, if Mark Cuban or Gary Vee walks through my neighborhood because they’re visiting a relative or something I want to be able to run out + have a conversation with them + not worry about my appearance 😜 Seriously, I’m ready to move at the drop of a dime + I believe that you feel better when you get up + take care of yourself first!

📌Making sure both of the boys are on task each day – Cris has legit always put himself to bed + gotten himself up + ready for school. #truestory Mr. Man homeschools, so as long as he’s ready to roll by 9, I’m not taking on that battle, lol! #WIN Then there’s baseball team practices, private baseball practice, games, all of that to get through each day…I mean hello, WIN!

📌Making sure that I’ve identified my top goals for the day – how do I want the day to go, not how will the day rule me…this sets intention on top of purpose, on top of action; it’s a winning strategy

📌Then, when that list is complete (or even if there are some tasks still on it, my lists tend to be very long), I look at how well I executed.

Because at the end of the day, the precision + execution are what really matter. When my day is complete, I celebrate in different ways. It’s not about a huge party, lol. Or going out, any of that.

I mean taking the time to acknowledge what I’ve done to continue to move myself further along towards the things I want to do + the legacy I want to create. I go through each bullet point for every thing that I have done that day – and realize that shit I’m out here killing it 😬 lol.

That’s the pat on the back you deserve!

🏆Celebrating each day is a part of what makes me feel great in a very real + truthful way.

No one else can possibly understand + appreciate my wins (no matter how small they may seem) more than I do. Because no one else understands what I’ve gone through to get here.

And that’s why it’s so important to celebrate YOU!

Without anyone else’s input or acknowledgement… This is how you’ll continue to stay your course.

Pop a bottle🍾, do a dance, stretch, meditate – get your aromatherapy ON… + Cheer for your damn self!👏🏽

XO, Tori 💋

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