I went from Startup to Six Figures in 6 months.

It’s true. 

I went from Startup to 6 figures in the first 6 months of opening Bling.

I didn’t have a single dollar to invest in it, either…I sold a product before I ever had one to sell.
I talk about that story on the Podcast, definitely check it out.

But I took that same concept and flipped it within PGC.

I went from startup to my next 6 figure business (just counting this business’ income), within the first 10 months sharing digital content + coaching…

I have to admit though…I wasn’t happy with many things in my business.

There was always something to do, someone to please and new goals to hit. I was being stretched and I didn’t like it. It took me way out of my comfort zone. I was trying a lot of things in order to make it work… the more I did, the more I had to do!

I was frustrated.

I was anxious…

I felt like I was sinking…

And I didn’t know why.

That was the worst part, Not knowing why it wasn’t coming together like I thought it would…

I was thriving! I was killing it! But I was tired.

I was wore out like frfr. Yes, I meant “wore” and not “worn”😞…she was struggling.

I had to create a way that I could scale this company, still have my other business and keep that running – and be able to live my life.

I was sleeping maybe 2 hours at a time, then back up for 4 or 5 hours, and maybe getting another 2 of sleep in before working 13-14 straight, without really stopping.

I was stressed ALL the time.

How can you make that much money and be stressed out, right?

Why? Because I was doing wayyyy more than I needed to. 
All of the processes I was using to make sales were not necessary.
There had to be a simpler way to run this company, otherwise whatever I’d made was all I was going to make.

Because I wasn’t going to be able to keep it up at that pace…

So I started over.

I disciplined myself.
I went dark.
I scaled back.

And I cut out all of the crap that I just didn’t need.

Do you know how much stuff you’re doing every day that you don’t even need to do to sell?

I have a very distinct purpose…

I am here to help women change their lives. I know it, because I have so much experience on every level.
I’ve been single with more ambition inside me than there are oceans across the globe…I’ve been the happily married stay at home Mami, and the divorced woman who’s on the path to get her life back.

I’ve been the single Mami who hustled to reclaim herself + the life she was meant to lead.
I’ve been the tired entrepreneur who seriously just wanted to give up – but knew I could not!
And I’ve won over + over again because I insisted on figuring it out.

So I have a purpose + passion to help the women in my community move past these glitches, as I call them, sooner.

I’ve already done the hard part…so you can experience the triumphs from my errors
It’s my very simple selling process that you can implement right now and seriously blow your mind with how easy selling can be.

And the best part about it, is that every single new person that comes into your business experiences that same process – that you only set up once.

But you make money from it over + over…and over. Like, always.

Stop the madness of doing so many things you really don’t need to sell your product / service. 


It will change your life.
Don’t wait, this one is now open, and you can only access the special for 48 hours with the link below!

I repeat…because someone is going to ask me when it’s gone😜…You won’t see this offer again!!
XO, Tori

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