4 Ways To Increase Your Sales

Too many people wait for success to come to them instead of going out and getting it.

Let’s talk sales conversions…

Are you the type of business owner who is avoiding sales calls?

You’ve convinced yourself that you want to create a digital product only business because you hate talking on the phone… if its a yes, that’s okay but ’m also going to call *cough* bullsh*t *cough*

You don’t dislike sales calls, you dislike the outcome and thats a huge difference.

You don’t like sales calls because…

✅You talk to more people that cannot afford you than who can.

✅You don’t feel like you’re in control (you thought she was a surefire yes but she needs to talk it over with her husband or think on it)

✅You aren’t confident in your offer (you are rushing your words and feel like you totally screwed up the call)

✅You cannot fumble your way thru sales calls and expect to get what you desire just because you have been saying your affirmations.

If you want to know how to increase sales, then you’re in the right place. 

Today, I’m sharing four tips for doing just that.

Tip 1. Be vulnerable; begin with an imperfection.

To sell, you’ve got to be willing to show the parts of you that typically stay behind closed doors. People connect with those they feel are more imperfect than perfect.

Here’s a real-life example: I am always fumbling over my words. Seriously; my brain goes so quickly and the thoughts just come in such a rush, that you will often catch me fumbling over myself. Oh another one – I can’t remember sh*t😆. So from like one second to the 3rd, I have forgotten just that quickly whatever I was thinking and needed to do; hence the sticky notes all over my office desk, computer, and why I work so closely to my wall instead of in the center of my office!

I need extra space for my sticky notes, obvi!

It used to make me think that people thought I was an idiot and didn’t know what I was talking about. Instead of making myself so stressed and getting so uptight about it – I’ve learned to laugh at myself. Most freeing thing you’ll ever do.

Because no, I’m not perfect.

But I know a crap load about how to get you and your business all the way together – very quickly!

So let people see who you are. You don’t have to be perfect!

Sharing imperfections, being vulnerable, creates a real, authentic bond with your people, and everything after that is amplified.

Tip 2. Get Involved Daily.

Each morning I ask myself two things, “Who do I need to be in my business today?” and “What can I say to change someone’s life?”.

What is the message you can put out there that will have one group of people saying to you, “You’re my person! Thank goodness I found you!”

(While simultaneously causing another group of people to say, “You’re wrong!”)

When you can dial in on this, you can don’t need a lot of raving fans to create a huge income.

When you dial in on your position of power, powerful people want to help you. 

As a result, you attract people who want to work with you + refer their friends to you.

Be bold. Become a household name. Grow your business.

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Tip 3. Become a buyer.

If you don’t become a buyer, then you can’t sell.

You may believe you’re a buyer, but unless you’re hiring the coach you know you need to hire, putting on the event you know you need to put on, or hiring the team you know you need to bring in, then you’re actually not a buyer.

A buyer looks at whatever needs to be done to bring their movement into the world, and they figure out a way to make it happen.

People who wait for “the right moment,” or for there to be “enough,” aren’t buyers.

If you want to sell more, you have to buy into your own vision.

You have to create the right moment, and you have to create enough.

When you do, you begin to attract generous people who want to support you, and you’ll attract a higher net worth of people who come forward to help you grow your movement.

Bonus tip: Stick with it! Most people give up too soon.

You’ll hit a point where you’re running out of money or resources, but if you keep going, you’ll get past that!

Tip 4. Money loves speed. So serve other people, fast.

There’s a shift that happens when you obsessively help other people. So work quickly!

What happens is that you go above and beyond with people around you—not just your clients, but everyone you meet.

Then, people start hiring you, without ever asking for the offer.

Authentically become the type of person who gives generously, on a regular basis.

When you give, give, give, your marketing will be much better, and things start to come together.

That’s it in a nutshell …

Set plans, set intentions, and go after your vision. These four tips will supercharge your business success AND the movement you’re here to create.

XO, Tori

P.S. Here’s a quick, free training of another strategy that I use here to run my companies. Check out the video for tips on driving sales conversions, then repurpose that content for other parts of your business.


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