Smart People Can Be Their Own Worst Enemy

Have you ever noticed that the smartest people struggle the most when it comes to growing a business?

Smart people can be their own biggest,  worst enemy.

Now with all those brains, they can typically watch a webinar or read a how-to book and BOOM – they have it all figured out.

But not quite…

You see, I work with lots of smart people daily, and in doing so I’ve found these brainy types will often require  the most handholding and guidance at 3 critical points in their success journey.

And because I’m all about pushing my clients (or dragging them😆) into their greatness, I check in at these magical and “critical” intervals:

The 21-day mark
The 90-day mark
And the 6-month mark

Now, here’s what typically happens during those check ins:

At the 21-day mark, they haven’t “gotten around” to the specific tasks that keep their businesses pushing forward. They’re waiting for their “busy season” to slow down. They’re waiting until after their vacation. And they’re waiting for all the lights to go green on the road to success before they ever put their business engine in “drive.”

CE0,000,000 + CE0,000,000 In Training Tees!

Now, the real truth is they’re secretly breathing in brown paper bags and having night sweats from anxiety because they can’t believe achieving success can actually be easy with my profit-boosting solutions.

Ok, so at the 90-day mark, they realize they need a team because they’re not about that “Team No Sleep” life.

But hold up … they have to dissect every possible business idea and lay it all out nice and neat BEFORE they hire team members. So, they put the hiring thing on hold and decide they’ll just “handle it this time,” that’s until the process is fully fleshed out before bringing on a team.

Hmmm, anybody else smell the bologna burning here?

The truth is smart people believe more success requires more work. So, they can’t even imagine having an automated sales funnel that pulls in 5-figure months without them having to stay “busy.”

And that brings us to the 6-month mark where they’ve outlined their launch strategy and checked it 2, 3, 4 times… because smart people are planners.

Now, they’re hoping for a magical launch even though they haven’t executed any of the tasks… well because, the outline looks beautiful on paper.

Ok, so the truth bomb is they’ve done legit, nothing… and are still doing the same things they were doing before they worked with me and are scared shitless to color outside the damn lines.

And it’s at this point where I call them out on their BS because they’ve got winning to do! And time is NOT your friend! 

Now, let’s have a heart to heart…

Yes, I KNOW you’re smart and your brains, degrees, awards and expertise have taken you far, but even Serena Williams has a coach.

So at some point (and there’s no time like right now) you’ll have to stop playing your legacy, stop playing your success and stop playing your future.

You do NOT have to work 40+ hours a week to achieve the success you crave and the revenue you want.

You do NOT have to figure this whole business thing out on your own.

And you do NOT have to rely solely on your own smarts.

You see, two brains are always better than one and I’m right here offering you the solution.

12 weeks with me to whip your beautiful, SMART self into shape!

Because this business is NOT going to build itself.

Join me in the 12 week Accelerators course now, because like all things…this offer will come to an end very soon…tick tock, tick tock! Get your space for $599 vs $999!

I’m giving you the opportunity to get in now, and get to work with an accountability partner – ME! 

See you in there!

XO, Tori

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