I know you’re Superwoman…

You are the mighty.

The powerful.

The all in fierce, female entrepreneur!

I know this. 

But sooner or later, you will wear TF out.

Seriously – if you’re not planning right now, I’m telling you, you will.

Listen, I know I’m fierce.

I know I can do anything I set my mind to, because I have – over + over.

But I have worn myself to the point of nervous breakdown on many occasions, because I just didn’t know how the hell I was gonna get it all done.

So there was this one time (lol, here goes another story😆)…where I had to design something like 250 cameras for DVF in like 2 weeks. I was like, “oh sure – we’ve got this”.

We will not disappoint!

I mean, it’s THE Diane Von Furstenberg Fashion House, creator of the wrap dress, former Princess, Ms. Diane herself!

Believe, we’ve got this! The answer was always YES when she called!

The problem is…whenever she called, it was like days, or just a very short time that we had to make it happen – the fashion industry is so rush rush, amirite?


Let me tell you – by day 3, I was like “oh sh*t”.

We don’t “got this”😂💯

Because how in the world did I think I was supposed to single parent (drive the babies to school, pick them up, feed them 3 times per day, take care of my home, spend time with them, SLEEP, RUN the business – you know; emails, calls, order supplies, etc.) when I was only getting done 5-6 complete cameras per day at that point.

I’d made a HUGE miscalculation. 

And my business – and I – suffered for it.

I mean…I’m Superwoman, just like you…so of course it got done.

Granted, Nay Nay (my designer at the time, now great friend) and I did not sleep for 2 weeks.

I honestly still can’t tell you how they all got completed – sheer will, perhaps?

I cried the entire time, lol.

I couldn’t even enjoy the win…

The mathematics of it seriously didn’t add up.

Yes, we did it.

But I made a vow to myself to never ever do that again.

For the sake of my relationship with Nay Nay, lol…the sanity of my boys – and for myself.

That is the exact reason why you have to have a system or multiple systems in your business, to help run the day to day of your business…so you can still make sales + make contact – while you DO the work.

Because you’ll need to be able to look at your business from the outside in, not always from the other direction, if you want to scale and create a profitable, automated, + scalable brand…all without losing your shit.

Businesses need systems to run so that you can grow the business + be the creative inside of your brand.

These are things that you should be working on.

Not leaving up to other people to do for you.

What does that look like?

✅It means learning exactly how to reach the specific audience that wants to consume more of what you’re saying.

✅Resonating with the person who will most likely buy + engage with your brand

✅Learning to make content that’s relevant and helps you keep the attention of your ideal audience.

✅All so that you can make money FASTER!

And you’ll be able to do this – On Automate…

So that ♥️ when your DVF calls you♥️, you know you can get that rush project out to her with no problem – and your other clients + potentials don’t suffer.

Join my free training to learn how…

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