21 Things I’ve learned about building a 7 figure brand…

Oftentimes, people come into business + brand building with preconceived notions.

They really aren’t quite certain of what the road ahead may look like.

You see, a lot of the social media world – Influencers focus on the glitz + glamour of being a successful Entrepreneur..

Sure, I’ve got a beautiful home. I love being able to ride around in a fancy Range Rover. And I love the fact that I can go anywhere in the world if I want to…and take my entire family with me. That’s glitz.

But what real business building looks + feel like are totally different things.

I’ve been hard at work on a new book, and I was just working out some thoughts + pointers I wanted to share with you.

It’s what brand building really looks + feels like.

It’s what the Influencers don’t show you that make you feel like you can’t wait to hit your first 6 figures, so you can run out and grab your RR, too…

No particular order; just some of my thoughts for you to think about – in preparation for your Entrepreneurial Journey.

21 Things I’ve learned about building a 7 figure brand…

  1. Growth can be exponential, thus our human mindset of “linear” doesn’t apply. It’s simply a matter of your execution vs. your expectation.

  2. If you have a shitty business model, you might hit 7-figures, however, you’ll most likely kill yourself.

  3. If you micro-manage or aren’t ready to “let go” and delegate, you’ll also hate your life.

  4. If you don’t have your lead generation right, your business is built on a house of cards.

  5. You will likely be a little underwhelmed with the amount of money left in the bank account at the end of the month (if you are growing quickly), it’s okay

  6. You will consume less information while producing more often — you’ll also realize that you don’t need as much advice as you think, that’s what your gut is for.

  7. You must be ready to let go of a lot of friends and relationships that won’t serve you.

  8. If you don’t have a team that you trust with your life, it will take forever.

  9. You must be ready for significant up’s and down’s in your cash flow (if you are ready to grow quickly)

  10. Your lifestyle won’t change much between $60k and $250K, however your mindset will be wildly different.

  11. Abundance is a way of living, not just a mindset.

  12. If you want to REALLY grow, you must be okay losing it all.

  13. People will COMPLETELY over-estimate how “wealthy” you are.

  14. People won’t be impressed, so don’t try to impress them. Show rather, how you can be their unfair advantage, they’ll help you even more.

  15. If you show up with nothing to prove and nothing to hide, you’ll always win. There is no “bluffing” success at this level.

  16. You will detach from your bank account # and instead become more attached to your P&L’s + Cashflow Statements + Liabilities.

  17. Your requirement for evolving quickly as a human will be difficult for both yourself and those around you to both comprehend and deal with.

  18. The emotional high high’s and low low’s become deeper because what’s on the line is so much bigger.

  19. All good things in life, start with having the ability to impact greatly… this typically allows you to feel far more fulfilled.

  20. You will start asking bigger questions and also understand your bigger purpose, giving you even more power to impact.

  21. If you grow a business doing something you don’t love and enjoy… You should stop now… you’ll be VERY unhappy.

These are just a few of my thoughts from having worked with hundreds of business owners in the last several years.

If you are ready to change the game in your business, I’d love for you to join me in the free IGBiz training.

We’ll dive deep into lead generation strategies, high ticket selling, growth systems + tools proven to grow your business.

Here’s A Little Bit Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Why you must simplify to scale your business sustainably

  • How to add an extra $20K – $50K per month without working yourself into exhaustion or sacrificing clients’ results

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  • How to avoid time wasters and close full pay high ticket sales in one training or value proposition

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