Instagram Is Dead.

Not really, but the algorithm has changed again.

And this time, it’s been a drastic change.

Seriously – go through some of the biggest accounts, celebrities, Influencers, + Brands on Instagram and you’ll see the insane drop in comments +engagement – all that. And I don’t mean vanity metrics – those are things people can purchase so they don’t count at all.

It’s as though they came in one single wrecking ball, Miley Cyrus style, and crushed everything you’ve been working on for the last few years.

The hashtags, times of day, stories interaction…

Nothing is the same.

But if you’ve been working with me for the past several months…this should not be something that has you all stressed out like so many businesses + Influencers currently are.

Because I’ve been teaching you exactly why you can’t count on Instagram followers, or the platform itself, to run your whole business.

You should always work under the assumption that the platform will always change, throw curveballs when you’re expecting a changeup.

And the sinker ends up being the one to take you down.

So how do you do this?

How do you avoid the pitfalls of the ever changing Instagram algorithm changes and ups + downs in your business?

It’s simple; don’t rely on Instagram.

Think about this…

If every new follower of yours became a sub inside of your email list, which do you think would be the most valuable?

Well, we know that each of your followers does not see every post.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to post at least 3-4 times minimum per day to keep a consistent presence.

I’ve heard people in this space (coaching, Instagram business, etc) tell people that there’s no specific amount to post each day.

Certainly, that’s true.

But the question is, how often do you want to be seen, and how much do you want to drive new leads into your business?

So instead, if each new follower became a subscriber to your email list, and opted in to some offer or value that you presented…what would that do for your business?

  1. It would give you more security in knowing that you have the opportunity to nurture the relationships with your audience + new visitors.

  2. It would let you know that there’s an ROI from every single ad or graphic that you design. Each one of those pieces of content you’ve made is bringing you a conversion inside of your business.

  3. You would rest assured that no matter what changes hit the algorithm, you are good. Because you have a business model that’s based around moving your visitor from Instagram – or any social media platform for that matter – to a home base, or hub for all of your activity.

  4. Now you can review the data on those individuals.

  5. See what they all have in common.

  6. Understand their makeup – what fuels them, concerns them, makes them happy, or is a pain point in their life.

So when Instagram dies, revives, and dies again…you’re always ready.

You aren’t amongst those who are stuck in the struggle + hustle of trying to piece together their businesses in a state of panic + rush, frustration from the ever changing whims of an Instagram engineer.

So today…while millions of businesses, aspiring and established…Influencers, + newbies to the online game of Instagram find frustration of the ever changing algorithm….

While they wonder where the next customer will come from…you can rest easy knowing that your pipeline is still working – that your followers are still converting inside of the system of your business.

And that this small hiccup, will pass unnoticed.

Check out this free training preview from a goal setting meeting with my Socialite Society Business Community.

Content is the entrance to building your systems, because it’s going to reach people hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly…forever.

And this is how you can make your content last forever while paying you – even when Instagram is dead.

Keep hustling, girls.

XO, Tori💋

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