It’s all about timing.

I love when I see these types of messages inside of the community or in my DM’s:

“Got my first sale money in the bank! To a local queen who is just amazing!! Have 2 more waiting…”

This is a message from a member of my Socialite Society who spent her “very last” to join me in California for our last retreat.

She said “If I can just get to Tori, she will help me make sense of everything…”

She drove several hours to meet me in LA for the retreat, with just a few dollars left to get there and back home.

And we did. Just days after returning home, she began reporting the mindset shift, clarity in her business, and sales she was now bringing in.

It’s all about timing.

I remember the day I met Khloe Kardashian back in 2006.

We were backstage at the AMA’s celebrity swag scene. And she walked in…her eyes drawn to my bling! She posed for the photo that I’d receive a few weeks later, that would put PoshLifeBling on the map!

Just a few months after getting that photo – Keeping Up With The Kardashians aired – catapulting my brand as well! 10 years later, you can still catch her showing love for my 2nd brand – as she posts us in her Instagram stories quite often (check ThePoshGirlsClub IG story highlights for those!)

It’s always about the timing.

Most year-long mentorship programs spend TONS of time on tactics and strategies like webinars, funnels, big launches, optimizing your sales calls, tripwires, leading retreats, networking… and it seriously goes on and on…

… while spending ZERO time on how to craft the OFFER that all of these things lead to!

No wonder there are always SO many people reaching out to me, saying they’re tired of the hustle, and longing for a more sustainable approach.

Because it doesn’t matter HOW good your product/ service is…

… you will always be working WAY harder than you need to…

All without OFFERS that should be a complete no brainer.

Imagine THIS…

📌You’ve got an offer that makes $3k-$10k+ sales without you having to get on the phone.

📌Or you’ve got sales funnels built for days, weeks, months…but no one has taken a single trip down the path of your lead page because they don’t resonate with your offers.

 📌You’ve got incredible courses to share and knowledge to give – or you just need people to see how incredible your product is – but the offers don’t stand up to those beautifully crafted messages you see other brands deliver…

Just imagine how well it’s all going to start working for you once your OFFER is spot on.

I don’t think you should have to invest $20k in a mentorship to get your first high-converting offer down.

An offer where you put up a few social media posts and emails to your list (if you have one)… and have new clients & cash rolling in, in the next day or two.

And that’s why I’m so excited about the things I have planned for The Socialite Society this year!

You’ll craft your offer… and get it cash flowing… BEFORE Q1 becomes Q2… and then boom, Q2 becomes Happy New Year 2021…

Maybe you’ve already got your $20k/year mentoring lined up?

What you get in The Socialite Society will not only give you the superpower of creating the most incredible offers and using your time smarter instead of harder #smarthustle

… it’s pretty much going to increase the ROI in ANY other program you invest in.

Not just in 2020, but far, FAR into the future.

Because no matter what business model, lead generation strategy or path you choose to follow to a multi-six or even 7-figure business…

… your OFFERS are the foundation of it all.

It’s the year for big things. Now is a great time to get started!

Claim your seat inside our Socialite Society for all the resources you need, none you don’t…along with support and accountability while creating your irresistible offers.


Hope to see you inside,

XX, Tori

PS: Want to stay in touch with me this year? Text POSH to 77948 for upcoming free trainings + first intro offers to courses + events this year! I also know when you need a bit of Inspo, so you’ll get that, too😍

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