Being more strategic about your Brand Strategy

When you’re planning your strategy this year, you should remember two things:

1. You don’t have to do it all in a day.

2. Leave room for some magic.

When every year begins, many (and by many, I mean me😏) tend to “try” to write out a master plan that encompasses the full year.

This can be a huge mistake, because generally we change and grow within the year.

So if you’re holding yourself to an idea that you had early in the year, then you’ve lost.

You’ve kept yourself inside the growth bubble – and closed yourself off to bigger opportunities…

Now as I’m putting together my plans, I’ve learned to leave a bit of room for “the magic”, or “the universe” to meet me. Because there is something magical about putting a plan into action.

And what I’ve found – is that as I gain clarity and chart out my path for the year and work at it with consistency and intention – more opportunities present!

So I never want to close off myself to those opportunities…

I like to begin my planning in quarters.

Think about the one major goal you’d like to achieve for the year…and then outline the four major steps you’ll need to execute to see that dream goal through.

Those are the 4 quarters of the year…

Now, begin with quarter one:

What do you need to complete in Q1 to stay the course for the year’s goal?

You can break this up into 4 main goals for those 4 months.

You’ve now got a full 30-31 days each month to work through 3 tasks on each of those days – to get you closer to your dream goal.

Sounds a bit less daunting, amirite?

That’s how we plan and execute with Intention and #smarthustle

No burnout.

No frustration or over-extending yourself

Purpose, Organization, and Excitement take the place of uncertainty and exhaustion.

I’m working with committed and focused women this year to help build your business strategy and implement successful strategies to grow those businesses with support and accountability along the way.

If that’s you, and you’re ready to learn the strategies I’ve used to build 6 and 7 figure brands – let’s get to work.

Click here to learn more!

And I hope to see you on the inside, where we can create a plan of action, and start building towards your dream goal together…

XO, Tori

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